Vol. 7 May, 2009
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May is always an exciting month, Mother's Day, Graduation, Memorial Day and of course the annual event of dragging out the lawn mower!

This month we interviewed Cheryl Arganbright of the Timberpine Lodge, Art Kirk of Financial Architects, Jan Wahlert at the River Valley Golf Course and several events going on during the 3rd Annual Iowa Book Festival. We also cover the upcoming "Kiln Opening".

We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter.

In This Issue
Feature Article - Cheryl Arganbright, Timberpine Lodge
Art Kirk of Financial Architects
River Valley Golf Course
3rd Annual Iowa Book Festival May 2nd
Guest Artists Gerrianne Jordan & Gail Pace
Kathy Lewis to Demonstrate China Painting at Cameo Rose
Recipe of the Month
10th Annual Outdoor Pottery Show
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A Cheryl Arganbright, Timberpine Lodge
Timberpine Lodge Adel IA

This month we interview Cheryl Arganbright of the Timberpine Lodge, a relaxing bed and breakfast located near the Raccoon River.

Cheryl and Greg Arganbright Adel IAQ. What is a brief history of your company?
A. Greg and I, with the help of our sons, built the home in 2002. We are situated on six beautiful acres which were formerly a Christmas tree farm. Timberpine Lodge was opened in May of 2006. It had been a dream of mine for several years.  When we originally built the home, we designed it to be used as a Bed and Breakfast. Our love of nature and the peace and quiet of the country brought us to this wonderful place. We are active member of the Iowa Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers

Q. Who are your employees?
A. The Timberpine Lodge is a family owned and operated Bed and Breakfast.

Q. What motivated you to choose Adel?
A. Our families live to the west near Panora, with our work in the Des Moines Area, Adel was the perfect place in between those locations.

Timberpine Lodage Adel IAQ. What motivated you to use a log cabin design?
A. Greg built log homes in the 1980's. We became interested in the timber frame concept and had purchased many books and magazines on the subject. When we found this land it seemed the perfect setting.

Timberpine Lodge Adel IAQ. How many rooms are available/ individuals can stay at the Lodge at once?
A. We have two guest rooms. The Pinecone Suite has a private balcony overlooking one of the flower gardens and the pine tree forest.  A fireplace can be enjoyed from the bedroom and bath.  The large bath has a jetted tub for two, separate shower and double pedestal sinks.  The suite is perfect for honeymooners or for a special occasion. The Wildflower Room is a cozy room with black furniture and accents which compliment the pine walls and floor.  It has a private adjoining bath with shower.  Each room has a queen size bed, a TV/DVD player, and I've been known to add an additional twin size bed on occasion. Normally, 4 people or 2 couples visit at a time.

Q. How does your B&B differ from staying in a hotel/ motel? What are the benefits?
A. A B & B is usually a home and much more comfortable then a hotel. It is a more personal experience. Each B & B is unique to the owner. A full breakfast made with organic ingredients is served with each stay

Q. Do you offer activities for individuals to attend while staying at the B&B in Adel?
A. We are close to the North Raccoon River and the bike trail. We offer drop off and pick up for canoeing and biking. We have a campfire area for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, or just enjoying the fire on a cool night.

Q. When is your busiest season? Are there different benefits to staying in different seasons?
A. We stay fairly consistent through out the year. Each season has benefits - winter is beautiful with the snow on the pines and enjoying the fireplace in the Pinecone Suite. Fall offers great colors to enjoy in the outdoors. Spring brings thunderstorms and the sound of rain on the roof. Everything is starting to bloom and the outdoors smells wonderful. Summer is a great time to enjoy the river and bike trail.

Q. Is the Timberpine Lodge available for large groups or weddings?  
A. Timberpine Lodge B & B is a wonderful place to bring your corporate team for a relaxing place to unwind and solve those challenging, everyday problems.  We host up to 15 people for all or part of the day.  Come for breakfast and lunch with plenty of meeting time in between.  Gather around the stove in the great room or weather permitting on the screened in porch while listening to the relaxing sounds of the outdoors. We have had outdoor weddings with up to 150 people. To find out more, please call Cheryl or Doug at 515-993-3386.

Q. What is your favorite season at Timberpine Lodge?
A. I'm not sure I have a favorite season. There is something about each one that I love. But if I had to pick one it would probably be fall. I love the outdoor colors and bringing them inside in my decorating.

Q. What types of wildlife do you see on the property?
A. We have deer, turkey, raccoons, fox, and several species of birds. We've even had rumors of bobcats.

Q. Why should people visit Timberpine Lodge?
A. Timberpine Lodge is an authentic timber frame structure, which means the main structure of the home is held together only with wooden pegs. Each log was cut with mortise-and-tenon joints, or grooves and tabs that fit together like pieces of a puzzle, creating one of the sturdiest types of construction. People are amazed that the frame of the house is held together only with wooden pegs. The timbers that make up the frame were shipped in from Montana. They were standing dead timber (either killed by insect or fire).

Q. What can you tell us about the vacation home in Colorado?
A. Our home is located on 3 acres in Estes Park. Estes Park is a beautiful mountain community considered the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a walk out ranch that can sleep up to 10 people. The mornings on the deck are wonderful to sit in the sun and watch the elk wander through the yard. There is always something to do in Estes Park from rodeos in the summer, to the world famous Scottish Irish Highland Festival in the fall. You could spend weeks there and never hike the entire trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Q. How is your company involved with the community? Do you sponsor any charitable events/ groups?
A. We try to volunteer in some of the activities of Adel. We've donated a night's stay to many events around the community. We also let out client's know about the wonderful shops and stores in Adel to encourage them to shop locally.

Timberpine Lodge Adel, IAQ. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about yourself or the company?
A. We love to have people stay at Timberpine Lodge to get away from the city and just relax. Our goal is to make them feel at home while they enjoy what nature has to offer.

For more information or to schedule a stay, contact Cheryl at: 515-993-3386 or email:
Art Kirk of Financial Architects

Financial Architects, Art Kirk Adel IA

Art Kirk, Adel IAArt Kirk,
of Financial Architects, serves on the Adel City Council and as an Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce/Council liaison.

He is married to his better half, Neta; they have a junior in college studying premed with a chemistry major and math minor, an 8th grader and 6th grader in West Des Moines. 

They have lived in Adel for 3 years and are surrounded by two dogs and two cats.

Q. What is a brief history of your company?
A. Financial Architects, Inc is a 12 year old agency founded by Kim Weaver who is President of the company.  Kim has been in the insurance/financial services industry for over 30 years.  We have 35 Associates state-wide, 18 in Clive. At this time, there isn't a location in Adel. I would like to open a satellite office in the future to meet the needs of the community.

Q. What services does your company provide?
A. We provide financial coaching for individuals and small businesses.  Holistic most accurately describes our approach to our clients' financial worlds.  This means we look at our client's entire world as a whole, not just their 401k plans or insurance policies.  Our job is to create a plan with flexibility to change as your world changes, to make sure that our clients are able to sleep at night knowing their strategy is secure regardless of variables.

Q. What is your personal background in the financial industry?
A. I am independent contractor as all of our associates are. My licensing includes Series 6, 63, and I am studying for 65.

I came to Financial Architects 5 years ago out of the healthcare staffing industry. Now I'm doing a job that I love and that I have a passion for.

Q. Please describe your typical client.
A. We do not have what we would consider a "typical" client.  Generally, people who are coachable, are savers, and who are open to new ways of looking at their world versus what they read in the paper, see on TV, or hear on the radio.

It's important that our clients remove their preconceived notions; we are a different kind of finance company. Very rarely does a representative from each company that holds your accounts sit down with you to figure out how to get your 401k and your Life Insurance to work together. Financial Architects takes that concept and we incorporate it in our teaching.

Q. What factors do you use to determine the best investment options for your clients?

A. Most of that depends on what the client wants to accomplish.  Age, risk tolerance, legacy building, charitable giving, college funding, children, parents, business succession, taxation, inflation, contingency, lawsuit exposure are all factors that make every client different.  There should never be a cookie cutter approach to any client.

Q. What is your opinion of the current financial market? Do you have any ideas on how to turn it around?

A. My personal opinion is to stay where you are and talk to your adviser as to how you should proceed.  The best way to turn it around is to turn off the TV and quit listening to all of the bad news.  Don't let yourself make emotional choices. This climate has happened before; it will happen again, and is relatively short term.

Q. Can you explain, briefly, how the financial markets work?
A. Very simply, what drives the markets is basic supply and demand.  Demand goes up; price goes up.  However, it doesn't take much to set off a chain reaction making the markets rise or fall.  An off-the-cuff remark by a politician or bad news in a market sector can be all it takes.

Q. How has the current market affected your business?
A. We teach people that there are different places to put money that are virtually devoid of market risk, have tax advantage, that allow for growth and liquidity.  It has been a wake up call for many clients and it has helped to solidify for them the principles that what we teach.

Q. What is your investment philosophy in simple terms?
A. The general misconception is that to get a high reward you have to increase risk.  We don't believe that to be necessarily true.  We believe that creating efficiencies within one's financial world is a better way to build wealth.  Again, depending on what the client wants to accomplish, it is not the rate of return that is as important as how much they save, how taxes, inflation, lifestyle all affect their world.  Keep it safe, relatively liquid, and maximize rate of return within risk and volatility factors.

Q. What are your thoughts on retirement planning?
A. It's important to see the client's whole world and what they want to do. Rather than looking down the road and planning for 10 years in advance, we take a step back. Do you want to retire? Should you decide you what  to, how do you want to spend your retirement? You're not going to fish all the time; what else would you like to do? Would you like to get involved with your church or community? What do we need to go in the next year to accomplish those goals? Think of it as an exit strategy; how do you want to stop working and enjoy living? Rather than worrying about an 8% return each year, we focus on efficiencies that work towards the big picture and allow for flexibility as life happens. Why make it good when we can make it great.

Q. How do you get new investment ideas?
A. There are a myriad of trade publications, newsletters, advisors that are out there talking up the latest and greatest.  What it comes down to is that there is no such thing as a bad product, but just a bad fit.  It is basic economic principles and what the client wants to accomplish that drives where those dollars should go.

Q. What is the purpose of life insurance and who needs it?
A. There are over 30 different living benefits of life insurance.  Life insurance is not about dying, but about living.  It is why it is called life insurance.  Protecting one's family in case of premature death usually tops the list, but depending on which type of life insurance (there are 4 basic types) you have, each one functions differently and has varying long term advantages.  Again, each client is different, but the case can be made that everyone should want it whether they "need" it or not.  Estate planning, business succession, legacy building, family protection are all solid reasons as to why one should own as much as they can get.

Q. What is estate planning?
A. Estate planning is the process of determining how to pass assets in the most efficient manner while considering tax consequences, siblings, children, grandchildren, charitable giving and legacy.  It should involve an estate planning attorney, a financial advisor, and a CPA.

Q. Why should clients choose your company?
A. We teach uncommon knowledge.  We bring a very different approach to our clients' worlds in how we serve.  It is much broader in scope and driven by economic principles.  It is the hows, whys, whats, and whos that are much more important.

Q. Do you have any tips for readers regarding the financial industry or investments?
A. Talk to a professional advisor and ask a lot of questions regarding market risk, volatility, fund families, etc., and other ways to protect, build and create wealth. This is a time to trust your financial planner and evaluate where you want to be in the future.

Q. How is your company involved with the community? Do you sponsor and charitable events/groups?
A. Each of us has our own particular area in which we serve either the community or our respective church.

Personally, I serve on the Adel City Council and as an Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce/Council liaison. I was elected when my family and I moved to Adel. I find it interesting to be apart of the community most people don't see. I take ownership in my community.

Q.  Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about yourself or the company?
A. At Financial Architects, we are always open to being a resource.  Our job is to teach and for our clients to decide.  We have state-of-the-art teaching tools, e.g. the Living Balance Sheet, to bring into our clients' world to better assist them in understanding how each part of their world interacts  with every other part. The Living Balance Sheet allows our clients to  upload all of their information, such as wills, photos of the family, video documents for insurance purposes, and manage your financial accounts.

Q. Do you have a website?
A. Yes.

For more information about Financial Architects, please call Art Kirk at 515-229-3685 or email
River Valley Golf Course
Jan Wahlert River Valley Golf Course Adel IA
This month we sat down with Jan Wahlert. Jan and her husband Lee own and operate The River Valley Golf Course with their children, Matt, Curt, and Roxanne.

The River Valley Golf Course was built in 1995 just outside of Adel on the family farms of Stan Olsen and Dave Richards. The golf course then changed hands and was purchased by a corporation in Texas.

It was during this time that Lee Wahlert applied to be the Rough Mower for the course. Lee had already retired twice in his career. Once after serving in the Army for 20 years and again from teaching ROTC classes for 16 years. It was while Lee roamed the rough that he began to think of ways to improve or change the golf course. After learning the course was to be sold, Lee decided to buy with just one week remaining in 2003. Due to the tax implications of the deal, Lee's attorney and accountant advised to layoff all of his employees and rehire them in the New Year.

River Valley Golf Course, Adel IA"So we did that, and everyone went home for Christmas. Then the weather got to 65 degrees three days in a row. The first, second, and third of January, we had about 130 golfers each day. We didn't know how to check them in. We didn't know how to do anything. We learned a lot in three days." (50 Plus Lifestyles June, 2005.)

Now, the course is family owned and operated. Lee acts as the owner and manager. Jan, his wife, oversees the Clubhouse management and catering events. Their three children also contribute, eldest daughter Roxanne works in the restaurant and Clubhouse, Matt is the Superintendent of the grounds, and Kirk, the youngest, is studying to take over after his college graduation and Lee's third retirement.

River Valley Golf Course, Adel IAThere have been many changes to the golf course, Lee has replaced bridges on the course, installed a cage to keep the carts, improved and rerouted the cart paths, and has kept up with the general landscaping of the course. When the flood waters hit in 2008, Lee and his team of employees sandbagged and sub-pumped all night long to help save the green. The back 9 holes had to be closed for three weeks. As for obstacles, the course offers a moat, two ponds, and wind. There are certain holes that require more grace than others. Hole 5 is a notorious challenge, Hole 12 is a beautiful island green, and Hole 18 is up hill all the way. Lee also prefers to keep the rough long, which can add to the suspense of the game.

The River Valley Golf Course's Clubhouse is a pine log cabin design. When the Wahlert's took over the course, the building needed a great deal of repair. Lee and Jan own their own log home, which has allotted them the wherewithal to maintain the cabin. Jan remembers a time when you could see through the logs of the cabin, a problem they quickly resolved with 400 tubes of caulk. Recently, the Wahlert's remodeled the men's room and installed new carpet and tiling.

River Valley Golf Course, Adel IAThe clubhouse houses the pro shop and restaurant, Mulligan's of River Valley. The restaurant is open for lunch and offers a light "Golfer's Menu" consisting of sandwiches, burgers, tenderloins, brats, wraps, soups and salads. It is also available for catering events such as weddings, business meetings, golf outings, and reunions. The clubhouse also offers a drink cart that tours the course. Visit to find out space availability and to view the full catering menu!

General Course Information:
New! Sky Caddie will be available for download soon.
Par: 72
Total Yardage: Pro 6684/ Men's 6275/ Women's 5452
Fully Irrigated
300 yard driving range
No personal golf carts may be used
Soft spikes are required!

River Valley Golf Course, Adel IAThe River Valley Golf Course has many attractive features. The course offers Men's and Women's Leagues, a junior golf clinic in June and July and tee boxes for Pros, Men, and Women. The golf course also employs a Pro on staff, Joshua P. Barnes. Joshua grew up on an Iowa farm and calls the River Valley Golf Course home. After graduating Mississippi State University where he received a Marketing degree with an emphasis on Professional Golf Management, Joshua went on to receive his class A PGA certification. To find out about his personal teach philosophy or for lessons, visit

River Valley Golf Course, Adel IAThroughout the year, Lee and Jan plan different events to entice local golfers. Such as the All-You-Can Eat Chili Sundays in October. A great feature offered on the website is the calendar of events which not only let's you know when League nights occur, but also let you plan ahead and view times the course is reserved. One of the biggest annual events is the Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Alumni Golf Tournament that is held Friday of the Sweet Corn Festival.  This is a chance to reunite and mingle with friends and classmates of all ages who have graduated from ADM in past years. For more information or to sign up, contact Dick Wicks at 515-993-4454 or

Lee and Jan make sure to contribute to the community. They are Adel Partners Chamber Members, who use the golf carts throughout the Sweet Corn Festival, and the course makes donations to the ADM Boosters and Van Meter School district. The golf course is used by both schools to host local tournaments.

To find out more about the River Valley Golf Course, please call Lee or Jan at 515-993-4029 or visit
3rd Annual Iowa Book Festival May 2nd.
Iowa Book Festival Adel IA
The 3rd Annual Iowa Book Festival will be held Saturday, May 2nd. along South 1oth Street in Adel. (In case of inclement weather, the festival will be held indoors at the Adel High School).

Featured, Presenting Authors for 2009
- Jan Blazanin - Waukee
- Chuck Offenburger - Cooper
- Vicki Myron - Spencer
- Eileen Boggess - Waukee
- Barbara Lounsberry - Cedar Falls  
- Ellen Hopkins - State of Nevada
- Mary Kay Shanley - Des Moines  
- Cynthia Mercati - Des Moines
More information on the Festival can be found on here.
Article Headline
Atherton House Adel IA
Guest Artists Gerrianne Jordan & Gail Pace, recycled paper artists, to be in the Atherton House Garden from 10-2 on May 2nd during the Third Annual Iowa Book Festival.

Gerrianne and Gail will be creating one of a kind cards from recyled books.

The Atherton House is located at 202 S 9th St. in Adel.
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Chris Brocka

Featured Article

Cheryl Arganbright Timberpine Lodge Adel IA
Each month we
showcase a business or organization that makes Adel special.

This month we interviewed
Cheryl Arganbright of the Timberpine Lodge.

If you have a business or organization you would like to see featured, please contact us at
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Kathy Lewis
to Demonstrate
China Painting at Cameo Rose
Cameo Rose Collection
Saturday, May 2
During the
Adel Book Festival

Guest Artist Kathy Lewis of Adel will be at Cameo Rose from 1p.m. - 3 p.m. demonstrating the fine art
 of china painting.

Shop at Cameo Rose and support the library! 10% of all sales will be donated to the Adel Public Library on May 2nd, in conjunction with the Adel Book Festival.

Cameo Rose is located on the Square at 107 N. 9th St., Adel.
Open Tues. - Sat., 9-5
Recipe of the Month
DDiscover Chef
Chicken Stir-Fry:

When the kids were little they grew up cooking with their Dad. I discovered that they would eat strange looking foods if they had something to do with the preparation.

I think slicing the vegetables and controlling the amounts of each ingredient took the dreaded surprise out of the meal. Not to mention that the dismembering of vegetables is a high to kids of all ages. My youngest would chuckle while chopping the tomatoes, a food she wasn't particularly fond of.

It was a great time to discuss the day and why somethings we didn't like plain were better when mixed with the right ingredients.

As time went along they slowly moved me from head cook to kitchen assistant as they experimented with new recipes.

This is a favorite of ours from that time together.  Enjoy!

2 lb.s Chicken breast
2 Cups thinly sliced zucchini
1 Cup Green onions (chopped)
1 Cup chopped tomatoes
2 Cloves crushed garlics
1 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1 Package of cooked linguini or spaghetti
1/4 Cup of Italian Salad Dressing
(Sundried Tomato Dressing is good too!)
Parmesan Cheese

1. Thinly slice the chicken.

2. Cook garlic, onions, zucchini, and oil in pan over medium heat for about 2 minutes. Add chicken, salt and pepper and cook chicken until done.

3. Add tomatoes, dressing and linguini.
Heat thoroughly while stirring all together.

4. Serve with parmesan.

Makes 4 servings.
10th Annual Outdoor Pottery Show in the Atherton House Gardens
Kiln Opening Adel IA
MAY 7-10, 2009


Rain or Shine!
Thursday, May 7
9:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday
May 8 & 9    
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm
Sunday, May 10   
12:00 noon- 4:00 p.m.



Traditional, whimsical, functional, decorative...
the best from 90 creative American potters.

We've added studios new to Iowa and the latest
colors, shapes, and styles from your favorite artists.
Do we have Iowa pottery? You bet!
Unsurpassed (the ugliest) face jugs, too!

Art tiles and pottery from 10 celebrated American studios. A craft demanding specialized skills, refined materials.

 EARTHA           ENZLER


Many potters of the Piedmont and mountain regions of North Caroline sell their work at "kiln openings." Following a firing, the kiln is opened and the work is displayed on the ground, on stumps and tables for immediate purchase by customers who may have waited in line of hours. Atherton House is noted for its selection of fine pottery from America's best "turners and burners."

Derby Pie- a 14 year Atherton House tradition!


Thursday, May 7    
10-4: DAN SORENSEN Swea City
functional and decorative wheel-thrown stoneware

Friday, May 8    
10-4 RUSS LECKBANK, Earlham
high-fired domestics and decorative stoneware

Saturday, May 9    
Des Moines
wood-fired stoneware pottery

Sunday, May 10    

stoneware, Midwestern regionalist themes


May 7-9,
11a.m- 4p.m.

May 10
12:00 noon- 4:00 p.m.

We temporarily reduced our store hours to care for family members. We appreciate all our great customers who have visited
Atherton House during our new general schedule: Thursday- Saturday 10-5

Pottery will be available indoors at Atherton house starting Thursday, May 14

Mother's Day is May 10th.
Discover Adel Harveys Flowers
Remember Mom on the 10th!

The Harvey Greenhouse and Adel Flowers has just what you need to let let Mom know just how special she really is.
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