Tour the Adel Public Library- With Photo Gallery

Tour the Adel Public Library!A great library instills growth, thinking, and dreaming for all those in the community.

The Adel Public Library is a shining example of historic preservation, modern advancements, and small town charm.

Let’s tour this local gem and see what makes it’s visitors say “Wow!”

When you walk up to the building you will notice the modern design. The large glass wall is unlike any other architecture in Adel. As your view widens you will begin to see the traditional design elements that allow the new building to blend seamlessly into the historic surroundings.

First you will find the community room, available to rent for small gatherings. The library uses this room for exercise classes, scrapbook marathons, quilting groups, and more. Non-profit groups can rent it for free!

You’ll be greeted at the reception desk by a warm and friendly staff member eager to help you find the perfect book. Feel feel to ask for help finding a specific book, section, or the best spot to read.

The first floor is dedicated to Children’s books and Periodicals. The play area is decorated in an underwater theme with toys, puzzles, and places to sit and read. The bookshelves are full of book both old and new alike. They are also short, accommodating even the youngest of readers.

You’ll find magazines and newspapers at the far end of the library, as well as plenty of quiet, comfortable reading spots. The tinted glass wall allows soft light to fill the library. When the weather is nice, consider heading outside to the Garden Sitting area! Another great feature of the new library is that it is handicap accessible with automated front doors and an elevator.

Heading upstairs, you’ll find the books you were looking for. General Fiction is to the right, Non Fiction is across the back. If you’re not a friend of the Dewey Decimal system, don’t worry! Each bookshelf is labeled to show what you’ll find among the racks. To the left you’ll find the Teen Reading section, Biographies, and Paperback books.

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Head to the Mystery, Western, Science Fiction or Inspirational sections to find books of the same genre. Each section is clearly labeled, making your hunt for good literature much easier than at other libraries.

Not sure where your books might be? Stop by the computerized card catalog to your right. There you can search by Title, Author, Subject and more. Write down the call number and feel free to ask the second floor librarian to help you find it!

The Teen Reading area is one of the biggest draws for readers. There is a wide selection of books for young adults of different ages and interests. The floor is covered with fun chairs which granting a quiet, relaxing place to get lost in a book. The walls display volunteer opportunities, suggestions of books to read, and advertise upcoming events designed specifically for Teens.

Something the library is very proud of are the public use computer stations. Anyone is able to access the computers for free, just sign up at the second floor reception desk. Print your homework or resume for 10 cents a page.

The best thing about the Adel Public Library that sets it part from the rest, is the staff. Every person who volunteers or works for the library is friendly and helpful. Whether you need help finding a book, signing up for an activity, or learning how to use the internet, the staff is there for you.

While you are enjoying the library, take a moment to appreciate the artwork. There are paintings, prints, and weavings throughout the library created by patrons and students. Take a close look, you may know the artist!

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Taking a digital tour of the library is nothing in comparison to exploring it firsthand. So head out and experience the Adel Public Library for yourself!

Adel Public Library
310 S 10th St.
Adel, IA 50003