Tim Canney and LSB Mortgage in Adel, Iowa

In an era of bailouts and recession, the local bank has stood strong on the pillar of customer service. Lincoln Savings Bank has brought this same mentality to Adel with LSB Mortgage. This month we spoke with VP of Mortgage Lending, Tim Canney, about the new business’ small town charm.

Tim Canney LSB Mortgage Adel, IowaFor many who have been dealing with their mortgage lender recently, good customer service is an uncommon phrase.

Hold music, failing to sooth the nerves, now represents minutes of your time wasted. Luckily LSB Mortgage in Adel is different.

In the way that local, independant insurance agents can go above and beyond client expectations, LSB Mortgage answers to their patrons rather than their bottom line.

The small Adel office was formerly Gold Key Mortgage, then Network Funding until mid-November 2010. The Sub-Prime Lending bubble burst forced Federal regulation changes, making it difficult for mortgage brokers to do business as they have in the past.

Customers are divided by these new regulations. While they are pleased that the increased regulations are helping to protect against the instability within the mortgage industry of the past, the changes have made the process overwhelming and frustrating for the client.

“People don’t buy a house everyday, and it is the biggest purchase many of us will make. Having real professional help is important.”

That is when Lincoln Savings Bank began developing their own mortgage company, founded with the belief that mortgage professionals could make the loan process more efficient and less strenuous for their clients.

“The more complicated the mortgage process becomes, the more important it is to have a professional help you. We stay informed about new regulations and make it simple for our customers to understand.”

LSB Mortgage, Adel Iowa

LSB Mortgage is FDIC insured, creating stability and credibility.
This also allows the Adel office to offer more mortgage products. The two man crew of Tim Canney and Tim Bohlen sit down with their clients face to face and ask the questions needed to find the right mortgage for the best rate.

Both Tim Canney and Bohlen are liscensed with NMLS, the Nationwide Mortgage Lisensing System.

“All loan approvals are done locally and all loans are processed and underwritten by our own in-house staff. We offer some of the most competitive interest rates in area and have one of the largest selections of loan programs in Iowa.”

For instance, most online mortgage companies won’t offer USDA Rural Development loans, an option perfectly suited for Central Iowa.

These government insured mortgages were designed to increase the population and strengthen the economy in rural America, requiring no money down, and boast 100% financing.

A common misconception is that Rural Development loans are only for farmers. In truth, almost any area outside a major metropolitan city will qualify.

Tim is excited to announce a new take on the monthly newsletter for their clients. Along with Scott Canney, an award-winning videographer and Adel native, the company will film short videos to be emailed each month. Turning the back office into a green room, the three have begun filming and look forward to sending out their first edition.

Tim Canney LSB Mortgage Adel, Iowa

Another benefit of LSB Mortgage is establishing a relationship with your mortgage lender. Rather than calling an automated call center, or speaking with someone thousands of miles away, clients speak face to face with Tim, and may even run into him around town.

Tim and his wife Kristy have lived in Adel for 36 years, meeting when they were in 2nd grade. The couple is now celebrating 20 years together with daughters and ADM students Katie, Haley, and Sydney.

The ADM School Board President, intermural softball/ basketball/soccer coach, and regular attendant of New Hope Church has the opportunity to speak with people throughout the community about what matters most to them, not just his product line.

Tim is proud to call Adel home for both his family and businesses. Tim also operated Sport About for Kids, an online retailer of children’s NFL, MLB and NASCAR items.

“I love Adel. It’s still it’s own town with its own identity. We have all the great things of a big city with all the charm a small town brings. I think we’ve landed in a good spot!”

LSB Mortgage
805 Main St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-5663
Email: timc@mylsb.com
Website: www.LSBmortgage.com