Terry Traveller – The Private Detective

Terry TravellerImagine Terry as a Private Defective, I mean “Detective”… – Editor

It may surprise you to learn that I am a private detective.

Oh yes. In my youth I read every mystery I could get my hands on.

My favorite was the Sherlock Holmes collection, followed closely by Angela Landsberry.

Laugh if you must, but Murder She Wrote helped boost Sunday Night Football’s ratings for years. You can look it up.

I always thought of Sherlock Holmes as a whimsical comedian- like a parent playing tic-tac-toe with a child.

It’s a silly, simple game with incredibly limited options; the adult is completely capable of winning the game each and every single time yet he humors the child, at least until he gets bored and ends the charade with devastating defeat.

Holmes seemed to share the same sweet yet condescending smile my mother had as she played the game with me, letting me win once or twice before crushing my spirits with a resounding 3 move victory.

Holmes humored Watson, and they humored Lastrade, but always from the first Holmes was guaranteed victory. I don’t count the cases that were left unsolved; I maintain they were solved but the publisher changed the endings as part of a British conspiracy theory dating back to Guttenberg. I would explain but I’ve already said too much.

For my own investigations I find my years of travel to be immensely beneficial. I found a missing boot for a gentleman that had been stolen from his hotel room through the use of my knowledge of Uganda travel brochures.

Once, for a brief moment, I was held in a place of honor amongst the tribesmen of Ontario thanks to an Egyptian airsick bag. After the bag was used for its intended purpose however my stature seemed to slide.

Yes, these and far more mysteries have been solved by yours truly.

I would certainly never compare myself to the brilliant character of Sherlock Holmes, but I might win in a battle of wits against Angela Landsberry- especially during the Filibuster portion.

– Terry

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