Terry Traveler – Visits Casey’s


Terry Traveler here with a local review of the Casey’s General Store in Adel.

This summer I traveled around Iowa and found that I often chose to stop at Casey’s General Store. They are generally pretty well stocked on items I want on a road trip- gas, soda, Funions, and donuts.

Some jerky, transmission fluid, a new hat. You know, milk, eggs, a nice bottle of Iowa vino, the basics.

Something I really like about Casey’s is the new deli sandwich area added to stores across the state. The customized deli sandwiches and wraps are good, fast, and affordable. I’m glad I also gave the fresh egg salad and chicken salad croissant sandwiches a try- they make a good, quick lunch.

I learned not every Casey’s is the same and my favorite is right here in Adel. The store has friendly employees, is very clean, and stays stocked up on all the essentials. Our kitchen does a great job making breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. My favorite is the Taco pizza, or the new Chicken Spinach Artichoke pizza. And the Casey’s in Adel now offers delivery, typically in 40 minutes or less.

In Adel, I know we can all like the convenience of picking up last minute items on Sunday when the local grocery store is closed. I gas up the car, grab dinner, pet food, and get home in 15 minutes or less, which is pretty great.

So stop in to Casey’s General Store in Adel and find out what makes our local store the best around!

Terry Traveller
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