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Editor’s note: It seems there was a “mix-up” on a list at the airport. So, instead of another installment of international travel from our little explorer, we have a staycation treat as Terry crashes in the editor’s lounge, eating cheese curls and watching a LOT of daytime TV…

Once again it is I, Terry Traveler, your lone source of truth in these, the days of our lives.

Like sand through an hour glass, I am restless as the world turns. The general hospitality of these dark shadowy moments is lacking, leaving me to search for a guiding light.

I wish for bold and beautiful days of sunshine! Days when the young and the restless alike are wooed by the soft sounds of a singular piano, or perhaps saxamaphone.

A time when the search for tomorrow will not lead us to the edge of night.

So I say to all my children and desperate housewives everywhere: follow your passions and find someone to share it with ’cause we only have one life to live. And these rainy spring days are simply passages to bright promises.

This is Terry Traveler saying, you may not want to admit you knew the 15 references above, but you did. And now you know, that I know, you know.


Terry Traveller
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