Serving Corn at The Sweet Corn Festival with Photos

Terry TravelerTerry Traveler here to say “Wow!”

What a great Adel Sweet Corn Festival this year!

It has to have been one of the best I’ve ever been to!

Chris asked me take photos of the entire two days, the shucking, the open houses, the parade, the 5K, the Crowds, the events.

All award winning.

Those photos aren’t here.

I know the lens cap was off my camera and that I had plenty of flash cubes for the evening as well, but somewhere between midnight Saturday and today I lost my camera. I checked the car, the route home, even the dog. Unfortunately they’re gone.

Boy was Chris hot! I swear I saw him blink! 

Nonetheless, Chris took photos while LSB was serving Sweetcorn. Not the same quality as mine, of course, and not as plentiful, but hey they exist!

[nggallery id=45]

It’s not my photo carousel, but hey if you click on a photo you can move from one photo to another  by clicking on the gray arrows at the bottom. Of course it’s missing that click noise, so you’ll have to make that yourself.

Happy travels!


Terry Traveller