September 8, 2010- UPDATE

Courtesy of the City of Adel

The City of Adel announced today that a portion of the downtown business district will be without water service for a short period on Sunday, September 12th due to planned upgrades to the water system.

This was originally planned for Saturday but has been changed. Please plan accordingly.

The improvements are part of the Brick Street Rehabilitation project and are being coordinated through the City’s engineer, McClure Engineering Company. The work involves upgrading and extending a water service main line from 4” to 8” and the line will be installed under 9th Street on the west side of the Court House square.

Water will be shut off in the Downtown District from approximately 7:00am until around 3:00pm. Adel Public Works Supervisor Kip Overton said, “Although the work is scheduled to be performed during this window of time; it is unlikely the water will actually be off for the entire time period.”

Overton also mentioned that the work is dependent upon the weather Saturday morning. Work crews are planning to open the construction site and prepare the mechanical components before Saturday so that the water system will be shut down for as little time as possible.

Businesses and residents in the District are being notified via phone to alert them of the inconvenience. Questions regarding this matter may be directed to Chad Bird.

Chad A. Bird
City Administrator
City of Adel
Fax 515-993-4527