Pet Presents at Adel Cedar Creek Animal Clinic

Courtesy of the Cedar Creek Animal Clinic

Think Adel Cedar Creek Animal Clinic for your holiday pet gifts!

Once again, Adel Cedar Creek will be selling holiday baskets and stockings for your pets throughout the month of December.

The baskets and stockings will be filled with goodies for your cats or dogs and work great as Christmas presents to go under the tree for your special, furry family members!

It is best to call and place your order, as each gift is arranged specifically for the size and type of pet. There will be a limited number available for walk-in purchases.

The cost is $20 each, and if ordered, the team can customize one basket/stocking for a combination of multiple pets.

Proceeds from the gifts will go to the Vets For Pets fund!

This fund is unique just to Cedar Creek Animal Clinic in Adel, helping owners who can't afford medical treatment for their pets in specific situations.

These gifts better than just going to a big box store because the proceeds go to a good cause and the money is kept local!

To find out more about these great holiday gifts for your pets, please contact Crystal Sharp at (515) 993-3410 or email

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