November 5th, 2010

Courtesy of Chad Bird, City Administrator
The Brick layers are here and the final work is ready to begin.

The brick sub-contractor has been on site the last couple of days prepping for bricklaying to begin Monday.

The brick work is anticipated to start on Court and 9th and progress generally south.

Critical path areas (intersections, crosswalks, streets) will be done first followed by bump-outs, and inlay areas.

The concrete sub-contractor is expecting to substantially finish his work today or tomorrow and another sub should be in tomorrow, Saturday, to begin the clean-up and street sweeping.

The grading sub-contractor is also on-site today installing the storm intake areas and will be finishing the little hand-work are the intakes as they complete each intake. They will probably also work generally, north to south.

Sadly, the general work area has been the victim of several acts of vandalism the past couple of weeks. This has caused delays as crews have had to repair some of the work. Other parts that were vandalized will be spot repaired and re-assessed in the spring. On behalf of the City, I ask that everyone be on the lookout for suspicious activity downtown, especially during the overnight hours. Needless acts such as this cost all of us time and money.

As always, I can not say enough, how much I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience during this project. It has been a long summer but we are nearing completion.

Please continue to keep your comments and questions coming.

Chad A. Bird
City Administrator
City of Adel
Phone: (515) 993-4525