November 29th, 2010

Courtesy of Chad Bird, City Administrator

As the project begins its final phases and wraps up major construction tasks for the season, I thought it appropriate to report on a few final upcoming tasks and reflect on the progress of work over the past six months.

As of Monday, November 29th, Main Street and 9th Street will be open for traffic; crews are onsite this morning working to clean the site and organize barricades and traffic control devises. Work will now focus on completing and opening the intersection at Prairie Street and 9th Street and then will commence on the last remaining block of 9th Street south of Main St. However, work on brick today will focus on smaller segment areas as there is concern of freezing rain tonight.

As of Saturday, November 27th, the last of the major concrete pours was completed; which opens all the sidewalks with the exception of the areas with inlaid brickwork yet to complete.

The plan is to continue to lay brick even after the streets are open. Brick will be laid in bump-out areas and sidewalks as weather continues to permit. In the event that the weather shuts down bricklaying for the year, concessions will be made to make the sidewalks as safe as possible for winter use by providing rock or other material in the uneven areas.

It is anticipated lighting will be here around the first week of December and installation should not take all that long, all the wiring and foundations are ready to go.

Some permanent traffic control signage will be installed this fall yet, but most permanent signage will be installed after the painted street and parking lines go down next spring. There are several instances where we would like to see the permanent paint and signs match or co-exist to provide for a more uniform parking and driving environment.

All brick and debris will be removed from the Courthouse lawn this fall. Final landscaping and sod replacement will take place this spring during optimum planting time.

It has been a long summer of construction but, despite the rain and sideline delays like installing extra water main, and the occasional act of vandalism, the project has gone well.

Phase I of the project included two street-blocks of work and no utilities other than to improve the existing storm water. This phase took 10 weeks and wrapped up in time for the Sweetcorn Festival.

Phase II of the project included two street-blocks of work, three intersections, and two sides of one street-block of sidewalks, it also included a water main improvement and a water main extension. This phase took 15 weeks and is looking to wrap up in the 16th week in time for the Holiday Open House December 3rd.

The entire project only saw two major “surprises”, a hidden room under the sidewalk along the east side of 9th Street and an old fuel oil tank along the north side of Main Street.

This has been Adel’s first significant brick street project in 100 years and will continue to enhance Adel’s reputation as a city rich with history and proud to preserve and protect its heritage.

Please join community leaders tomorrow, November 30th at 5:30pm for a brief “ribbon cutting” ceremony to commemorate the opening of Main Street.

Again, and as always, thank you for your continued patience and support during this tremendous undertaking.