Vol. 14 December 2009
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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We relaxed with the kids and new grand baby, did a little Black Friday shopping and redecorated the house for Christmas.

I love Christmas in Adel, not just for the shopping, it feels "Christmas-y". The great shops, the window decorations, folks waving at you as you cross the street, smiles on the people you pass. I'm always amazed at how much of my Christmas list gets filled in Adel each year.

DiscoverAdel will be at the Holiday Open House this Friday in the Wells Fargo Bank. Be sure to stop by, have a cookie, and say "Hello!" We look forward to seeing you.

This month we talked with Jessi Wagoner, from eco-esthetics, who has created her own cosmetics line. Mary Lea Holcomb, from Healing Therapies, and dusted off a few tips for enjoying the Holidays. We also have a recipe from home, and great information from around town!


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Jessi Wagoner - eco-esthetics
Mary Lea Holcomb - Healing Therapies
Atherton House - Christmas Open House
Holiday Planning
Around Town
Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce News
Recipe of the Month
Library News
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SpotlightJessi Wagoner - Eco-esthetics
Eco-Esthetics, Adel Iowa

Eco-Esthetics, Adel IowaThis month we would like to welcome eco-esthetics Skin Care and eco-esthetics Skin Studio to the community!

Owner and Chemist Jessi Wagoner, along with Esthetician and Spa Manager Christine Mellencamp, has opened her skin studio inside Easton Portrait Gallery on the square in downtown Adel.

Q. What is eco-esthetics?

A. The goal of eco-esthetics is to provide a superior skin care product with minimal synthetic ingredients for a natural and effective product you can feel safe using.

We use personal care and cosmetic products daily without knowing exactly what we are putting on our bodies. To help detoxify it is important to decrease the number of synthetic chemicals entering your body through your personal care products. 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and absorbs 60-70% of what it comes in contact with.  Using natural and organic products decreases the number of preservatives and chemical additives your skin comes into contact with.

This is not to say all synthetic ingredients are "bad" nor are all natural ingredients "good". Snake venom is natural, but it's not something I want on or in my body! It is important to make educated decisions when determining the product you want to use.

That is why we are available to go over any of the ingredients with our clients whether in our products or those they bring in for review. Knowing the effects of what you are putting on your skin should be a priority.

Q. What chemicals should be avoided?
A. eco-esthetics uses all natural and organic ingredients when possible. Ingredients to avoid are Propylene glycol, DMDM Hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, ethyl-, methyl-, propyl- and butyl parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances, petrolatum, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Q. How did eco-esthetics come to be?
A. I created these products because I wanted to use something safe on my family and myself. I wanted to do my part in "greening" up our daily I'm ready to share it with the world! eco-esthetics Skin Care and eco-esthetics Skin Studio started research and development 4 years ago.

We opened October 2009 and have already been asked to place our products and services in other spas/salons around Des Moines and Nebraska.

Eco-Esthetics, Adel IowaQ. How are you staying "green?"
A. Our products are manufactured in facilities powered with renewable energy. Packaging includes recyclable glass containers and tree-less paper labels and marketing materials.

Our hang tags, when planted, grow wild flowers. Our spa facility is "dry" meaning we emphasize the importance of conserving water by providing services that utilize water in responsible amounts.

The treatment rooms are constructed with bamboo flooring and nontoxic paint, natural and organic sheets and blankets, robes and towels.

Q. What services do you provide?
A. There are many spa services for facials and body treatments. Facial services include personal skin care analysis, techniques for skin exfoliation, steaming, mask, toning and a moisturizing facial massage. Prices vary based on length of treatment and type of treatment selected. Services are available for teens, men, and women alike.

For a full list of services offered, please visit our website at

Q. What is your number one treatment?
A. Our number 1 treatment is the Anti-Aging Facial because our products were formulated to reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.

Eco-Esthetics, Adel IowaQ. What are the benefits of using these products and services?
A. The best part about our products is that when synthetic and harsh ingredients are removed from a formulation, healthy skin manifests quickly and that is our goal.

Any of our EcoProtect product line helps to preserve the integrity of the skin no matter what type of skin you possess.

Q. What skin problems do you commonly see with your clients?
A. Most of our clients are concerned about wrinkles and aging so we work with them and their routine to bring the glow back and restore a youthful appearance. We also see a lot of sensitive skin and those with allergies. Many people with these conditions are able to use our products do to the lack of synthetics and dangerous fragrances.

Q. Who are your employees and what certifications do they have?
A. I have an esthetician that graduated from the Aveda institute. She also works in pharmaceutical science. She continues her education to learn new techniques.

Q. Do you have any tips for Spa Etiquette?
A. We ask that you arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, the benefit to an enjoyable relaxing treatment. Arriving late will possibly interfere with your treatment time so therefore, the treatment may not be as effective or therapeutic for you.

Special considerations are made for those who are pregnant, have allergies, high blood pressure, any physical ailments, or disabilities so it is important to notify the staff before your appointment of any of these conditions.

Q. What can you tell our readers about yourself?
A. I went to ISU where I studied Chemistry and Biochemistry. I then participated in a fellowship with Des Moines University in the Pharmacology/Toxicology department.

After that I performed Environmental Studies with the State Toxicologist at that time, Charles Barton, PhD. I have presented my research at the annual Toxicology Society meeting and to students and faculty of Des Moines University.

I am a member of the Society of Toxicology and continue to stay in close contact with my colleagues.

I am married to Timothy Wagoner and we share 3 great kids: Morgan, (8) Bodie, (5) and Eden (3). We currently reside outside of Adel, but still call Adel home!

eco-esthetics is located at 911 Court Street, Ste. 1 inside the Eason Portrait Gallery. To find out more, please call 515-993-2052 or visit the website
Mary Lea Holcomb - Healing Therapies

Healing Therapies, Adel Iowa

Healing Therapies, Adel IowaFor the month of December we spoke with Mary Lea Holcomb, RN, BA, CHTP, of Healing Therapies, at 118 S 9th St, Adel.

Mary Lea has been a certified Holistic Nurse since the 1970's and has been using Healing Touch therapy techniques since 1995.

Healing Touch uses universal energy to restore harmony and balance for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch is nondenominational and works well with traditional health practices.

Mary Lea had been practicing energy therapies for years without knowing the definition of her actions. "It started with the laying of hands. I had pain and my kids had pain I didn't know what it was called, I just did it.

Then a fellow nurse taught me some basic techniques to use on my family and myself. I now know dozens of techniques to specialize therapies for each client's needs. It's important to note that I am not a healer. I am a helper- I help people heal. We are partners in this work and the client is in control. Healing Touch therapies are too individual to be formulaic."

Healing Touch is a course of study that requires education, community service, and certification. Mary Lea is recertified every 5 years and must meet certain standards and follow a Code of Ethics before entering a client's sacred space.

This separates Healing Touch from other energy therapies and warrants Mary Lea's respect. "I can't take two classes and that's it. I'm not playing around, I take a client's sacred space very seriously." Clients are seeking relaxation and purpose. Some people have high stress jobs and use Healing Therapies to maintain personal wellness.

Mary Lea works with both men and women, but finds that more women are drawn to Healing Therapies. "Many women are looking for themselves, their true selves. They don't know who they are or why they are here. I also work with psychologists as clients' work though issues. I don't do therapy; I address the energetic aspects of these issues".

Other clients seek out the services of Healing Therapies for pain management for conditions like constant headaches, Fibromyalgia, or joint pain. Mary Lea also works with clients pre and post surgery to help prepare the body and speed recovery.

Healing Therapies, Adel IowaHealing Touch is also effective with Hospice services. "It is an honor to be a witness to the healing that can happen even in the midst of illness and dying. Healing Touch can assist in restoring balance and harmony to the patient by decreasing anxiety and agitation, reducing the physical sensation of pain and improving effectiveness of pain medication and decreasing emotional stress.

Healing touch has been found to be beneficial with a wide variety of patient conditions including anxiety or agitation related to unfinished emotional or spiritual issues and aid in decreasing barriers to a gentle transition- helpful for the patient and their loved ones."

She appreciates the Healing Touch philosophy because self-exploration is required. Practitioners must be mindful that their own energy is clear and does not get tangled with that of the clients. This is done by being present or in the moment with clients as well as addressing personal issues throughout the day.

Mary Lea enjoys that Healing Touch techniques can be used by anyone and utilizes universal energies that are within each of us. "Everyone has the energy, they just need to know how to readily access it. Prayer is another way to access available energies." Mary Lea states that Healing Touch has improved her life. "I'm more grounded and centered because of the coursework. I can feel the sense of sacredness in every moment."

Mary Lea has taught classes of self-care for caregivers, the Dallas County Sheriff Office employees, and local service and civic groups.

Healing Therapies, Adel IowaShe is involved in the community through volunteerism with the Relay for Life, the Adel Partners, and as a committee member of the IA Book Festival. In her free time, Mary Lea keeps busy with her husband "Doc," kids, and grandkids. 

Healing Therapies will be participating in the Holiday Open House December 4th. Make sure to visit the Holcomb's veterinary clinic next door to Healing Therapies for more information about Healing Touch and energy therapies.

Mary Lea now teaches classes in basic techniques to decrease pain and stop bleeding for self and family. More information for her new class Heart Wisdom Stress Management is available by calling (515) 993-4691.
SpotlightAtherton House - Christmas Open House
Dallas County Court House Adel IA

Celebrate St. Nikolaus & Saint Lucia

Santa - Atherton House, Adel IADecember 3 - 6, 2009
Thursday, Dec 3rd, 9-8
Firday & Saturday, Dec 4th & 5th, 9-5
Sunday, Dec. 6th Noon-4

- Chocolate Coins
- Pepparkaor Cookies
- Cranberries
- Almond Cake
- Ambrosia.

Sample the "Top Ten", surefire, tried and true, can't miss, safe-to-serve-the-boss holiday favorites from the Atherton House pantry.

Great Soups, chocolates, mulling spices and many hard-to-find goodies you can serve with confidence. Stock up on your favorites or find something new for easy entertaining.

American pottery -an excellent early Christmas gift to be enjoyed through the season and treasured forever.

Register to win a St. Nikolaus and Saint Lucia gift basket!

Classic Gifts - Timeless Stories - Warm Cider - Personal Service

To find out more about Atherton House, please visit Miriam and David at 202 S 9th Street in Adel or call 515-993-2034.
Holiday Planning

Christmas Planning

As we bring out boxes of holiday lights and decorations, DiscoverAdel has dug out and dusted off a few articles to help with your holiday planning.

We've included new information below, just follow the links to find helpful tips and suggestions for your holiday needs!

Holiday Parties, Adel Food

provided helpful tips for those organizing holiday parties discussing time lines, themes, and catering.

This year, consider involving your guests in the planning! The cost of side dishes, drinks, and decorations can be small individually, but can add up quickly too.

Determine your needs and ask guests to bring an item to help celebrate the season of giving, whether it be a bottle of wine, 2 liter bottle of soda, Jell-O salad, or napkins!

For a fun twist, ask guests to bring one (non breakable!) decoration from their home. These decorations can spark lively conversations about the holiday traditions of each guest and clean up has never been easier!

Not sure what to serve? Adel still has great, affordable restaurants and catering companies able to fill your plates and tone down the stress!

Don't forget about new favorites Cool Beans and Cool Cakes. The complete, up to date list can be found in the directory!

One of a Kind Gifts for Every Budget

Only In Adel - Here you'll find classic suggestions from shops around town to showcase the shop owner's personal style.

Over the year Adel has added great gift shops. Make sure to add Needful Things by Angie and Adel Flower and Gifts to your shopping list.

Check out the directory on the left hand side of the page to find local shops by category, an easy way to find specialty shops that serve the ones you love!
Around Town

Welcome to the Community! 

This month we would like to welcome eco-esthetics Skin Care and eco-esthetics Skin Studio to the community! Owner and Chemist Jessi Wagoner, along with Esthetician and Spa Manager Christine Mellencamp, has opened her skin studio inside Easton Portrait Gallery on the square in downtown Adel.

911 Court St. Ste. 1
Adel, Iowa


Adel Holiday Open HouseHoliday Open House

The 15th Annual Adel Holiday Open House is Friday Dec. 4th.

It's a great time to visit Adel's businesses, sample and collect recipes, see Santa and enjoy the decorations and Parade.

Please mark your calendar, we look forward to "Ringing in the Holidays" with everyone!


Adel Stories

As we begin to celebrate the holiday season we look back over years past. Make sure to visit Adel Stories at and share your holiday memories of Adel.

ADELTIGER2000 writes
I recently moved back to the Adel area with my kids. My favorite memory from high school was caroling at the Courthouse during the Christmas open house. The town looked great and I always felt like I was in one of those Norman Rockwell paintings. I'm happy to hear that is still going on and plan to bring my kids this year.

Mary H. writes
I'm really looking forward to the Holiday Open House this year! With this warm weather there should be a great turn out I can't wait for the recipes and samples and free snoops into all of the businesses! See you Friday night!

Happy Holidays From DiscoverAdel

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So, to wrap it up, this is the DiscoverAdel.Com newsletter! We hope that you've enjoyed this issue and will share it with your friends.

Chris Brocka
Featured Article

Jessi Wagoner - Eco-Esthetics, Adel Iowa
Each month we
showcase a business, person or organization that makes Adel special.

This month we interviewed
Jessi Wagoner.

If you have a business or organization you would like to see featured, please contact us at
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eco-esthetics, Adel IA
Timberpine Lodge
Adel Partners
Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce
Simpson College Classes in Adel
Simpson College Course

Another Simpson College class in Adel was  completed in November.

This was a Management Concepts course for 10 attendees.

The Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce has a partnership with Simpson College to teach business oriented courses at the Adel Public Library.

The purpose is to provide a better educated staff for the existing businesses in the area, which promotes economic development for our local economy.
Management Concepts is the second business class that was taught here by Simpson. Business Writing was conducted last winter for 9 attendees.

Both classes received very high ratings from the attendees. They said the classes would help them do their jobs and they would recommend them to others.
These classes are taught by Simpson professors and are offered for college credit, or audit. Attendees from Adel Partners Chamber member organizations receive a scholarship discount.

Multiple attendees from the same company or organization can also receive a reduced price.

The classes are typically on Monday evenings from 6 - 8 PM for 6 weeks. The classes have an excellent professor to student ratio, are moderately priced, and take a moderate amount of personal time.
We plan to offer more of the business classes in the future. If you are interested in Business Management, HR Management, PR, or Business Law/Ethics, let us know.

Should you be interested in other classes too, please get that information to us also.

We are making plans with Simpson for the next class this winter/spring, as well as future classes.

Contact "Van" VanBuren or Linda Boettcher at the Chamber office, or 515-993-5472, or come by to visit with us.
Recipe of the Month
DDiscover Chef

Portabella Parmesan

This recipe is an update on the eggplant recipe I had as a kid. My kids weren't big on eggplant.

I didn't think that they would be big on the mushrooms either, so I added the chicken for them and figured that I'd get to eat all of the mushrooms.

To my surprise they all liked the portabellas. I now make two batches to have enough to go around!

8 oz. Portabellas
2 cups Bread Brumbs
1 Cup Parmesan Cheese
1 Cup Milk
8 oz. Flour
Dash Salt
Dash Pepper
1 egg, beaten 
4 Chicken Breasts
4 cups Mozzarella
2 cups Olive Oil
2 jars Marinara Sauce


Preheat oven to 375.
Rinse and slice portabellas into 1/2 inch thick strips.
2. Mix bread crumbs, salt, pepper, and parmesan together.
3. Dip mushrooms and chicken in milk and then in the flour.
4. Dip mushrooms and chicken in egg and then in the bread crumb mixture.
5. Fry portabellas and chicken until golden brown. Set aside on paper towels.
6. Place a cup of sauce in the bottom of a 9 x 12 baking pan.
Place chicken and portabellas in pan, cover with remaining sauce.
Put Mozzarella on top of sauce.
Bake in 375 degrees 1 hour or until cheese is golden brown.
10. Remove from oven and let stand 15 minutes.
11. Serve with cooked fettuccine or spaghetti noodles.
Serves 4.
December Events
in Adel 
Holiday Open House
December 4th.
5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
continue reading...
Notes From The North Pole - December 9th.
Last day to have letters sent from up North.
continue reading...
There's More!
New events added weekly, be sure to checkout the
at Calendar
Library News
Adel Public Library
Scholastic Book Sale
Get a jump on your Holiday shopping now with books from Scholastic. The library will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair from Dec. 4th through Dec. 11th.

For more information check out the Scholastic Website.

Get Your Gifts Wrapped
Hate to wrap presents?  The Friends of the Adel Public Library will be gift wrapping Dec. 9th through Dec. 23rd during regular library hours. 

Free will donations will be accepted.

Kids Holiday Party
There will be a holiday party for school age children through 5th grade after school on Dec. 8th.

Edible Ornaments
Teens, stop into the library on Dec. 14th to make edible ornaments.  

Library will be Closed
The library will be closed on December 24th and December 25th.

For further information about any of these programs please contact the library at 515-993-3512 or by email at
Laura Guth - Adel Public Library
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