Vol. 22 August 2010
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Iowa in August can only mean Corn! As a kid my entire family would gather at my Grandfather's house. There would be a long line of picnic tables that ran the length of the drive way, with cars parked in the lawn. We'd go out into the field and pick the corn for the day, take it back, shuck it and try to wait patiently as it cooked.

I'm sure that there were other things served, my family has great cooks, but I can only remember the corn and the family.

That's one of the great things about the Adel Sweet Corn Festival, it continues that tradition of families setting up picnic tables and sharing the bounty with family and friends.

We've got a great issue this month, as we cover the 31st Annual Sweet Corn Festival. We have interviews with Bill Clark and The Adel Fan Club. Great stories on the Adel Museum, Terry's Travels, Recipe from Home, and much more! is going to be at the Sweet Corn Festival this year, stop by say Hi. Don't forget to register for a chance to win a great gift from Adel!



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In This Issue
Bill Clark and Adel's Historic Courthouse
31st Annual Sweet Corn Festival
The Adel Fan Club
Terry's Travels Adel Public Library
Brick Street Update
Adel Historical Museum
FeatureBill Clark and Adel's Historic Courthouse
Bill Clark

Bill ClarkWhen talking about Adel, the first thing most people mention is the historic Courthouse. Built in 1902, the Courthouse stands as a shining example of Adel's beautiful architectural history.

This month we spoke with Bill Clark, Facilities Manager for Dallas County to learn more about this iconic Adel building.

"The Old Girl," as Bill lovingly refers to the Courthouse, requires a watchful eye and there is no one more respectful of the building and its history. Bill is still in awe of the 108 year old building and the skill it took to construct. History buffs will enjoy touring the Courthouse which can be scheduled with the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce.

"We're keeping the Old Girl up to maintain history. You can image what it was like to walk into the building when it was first built."

When asked what he likes best about the Courthouse Bill smiled, saying "Its craftsmanship and artistry. That it was built back then, that it was made manually, with the bricks laid by hand. Everything had to be transferred from across town by horse and wagon. Those people took pride in what they did, knowing it would last forever, and it has."

Helping it last forever is the important job Bill oversees. 2 years ago Dallas County created the Central Services Department to look over the buildings it owns. Bill set out to create a 5 year service log, outlining what has been, and needs to be, done in each facility. This helps to eliminate surprises and demonstrates Dallas County as good stewards.

Adel Court HouseBill showed us the Courthouse logs which include everything from electrical maintenance to historical preservation. Most recently, the courthouse received a face-lift. That is, a Clock Face-lift.

The glass clock faces were replaced by a strong Plexiglas material that is clear on one side and opaque on the other. Contractors from Americlock Inc., located in St Louis, Missouri carefully removed and installed new hands made of wood.

Bill and the crew were able to salvage one set of hands which were then donated to the Adel Historical Museum. A new drive and timing system were also installed, but don't worry, the former system remain. The new timing system will enable to clock to automatically update in cases of power outages or Day Lights Savings.

Before the clock faces were redone, the stained glass windows were repaired. During his inspections, Bill noticed that the glass was sagging. The crew had the windows re-leaded, keeping the original glass and getting new frames. This way, the stained glass windows will last another 100 years.

Bill knows that the courthouse is a bright spot for the county he is proud to call home. Bill has lived all across Dallas County and likes that he can carry on a conversation with anyone. "I find it very friendly and it has lots of real good people."

Bill has his signature all around town, working with the County Farm, EMS building, and even has some artwork to be proud of.

Iowa 24/7The brick Welcome Signs outside of Adel were built by Bill and Brick and Tile Plant Manager, Curt Hansen. Bill made, fired, hand carved, and laid the bricks, creating the one of a kind signs that announce to visitors that Adel is Growing with Pride. 

You can also find Bill and the Courthouse Clock gracing the cover of Iowa 24/7, a photographic journey through the state.

Bill is very proud of the Courthouse and loves for people to take interest in it. Take a seat on the Courthouse Lawn that Bill has spent many hours landscaping and appreciate the beautiful architecture that makes the Dallas County Courthouse the trademark of Adel.

Dallas County Courthouse
801 Court Street
Adel, IA 50003
River Valley Golf Course: Worth the Drive!
River Valley Golf Course - Adel Iowa

The River Valley Golf Course in Adel is a great place to enjoy the rest of the golf season. You can partake in the Questionnaire Clinic August 9th put on by PGA Golf Pro Josh Barnes, participate in one of the fun tournaments held throughout the summer, even join the River Valley family and finish out the season working part time.

The beautiful course is open to the public and offers online tee times, catering facilities, and a fully stocked Pro Shop. It's the perfect place to pick up tees, balls, even gift certificates for the special golfer in your life. Gift certificates for the 2011 season are wonderful stocking stuffers!

River Valley Golf Course will be open throughout the month of October, making every die hard golf fan cheer. Stop out each Sunday in October for the Chili Open, fun 4 person tournaments that are a relaxing way for golfers of all skill levels to enjoy the game together.

So get the team together, sign up early, and come on out to the River Valley Golf Course. It's Well Worth The Drive!

River Valley Golf Course
22927 Valley View Drive
Adel, Iowa 50003
(515) 993-4029

Register to win free golf passes to River Valley Golf! Sign up at the booth at the Sweet Corn Festival August 14th!

31st Annual Adel Sweet Corn Festival
Sweet Corn Festival 2010

The Adel Sweet Corn Festival is August 13-14th this year.

Corn Shucking
The festivities start Friday night as tons of corn will be shucked. This tradition is one of the best displays of small town community charm. The next day, as thousands of people enjoy the free corn you can smile and say "I helped!" So get your friends and family together and meet us at the corner of 10th and Court at 5pm on the 13th.

7th Annual 5k Run
Saturday starts with the 7th Annual Sweet Corn Festival 5K Run. The 5k begins at the ADM High School at 8am. Celebrating Adel, runners will wind through the streets, city park, and bike trail for which we are known. It is a great kickoff to a day dedicated to the city.

The Sweet Corn Festival 5K is open to all runners and walkers. Preregistration is required. To sign up please visit

Next, the parade runs from 9:30-11am. The 2010 Grand Marshall is Brigadier General Harold Reed of the Wyoming Air National Guard. Brigadier General Reed is a 1970 graduate of Adel and a 2004 ADM Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee.

Vendors, Activities, and Corn... oh my!
Once the parade has finished it's time to start snooping. Check out the different arts, crafts, food, and informational booths around town.
A full map can be found here. Save room for corn! Free sweet corn starts at 11am and normally lasts until 2:30pm

Register to Win with
Stop by the booth located near the Courthouse. Bring your camera and take a picture with Terry of Terry's Travels and register to win great prizes like pottery from the Atherton House and Golf Passes from the River Valley Golf Course! Winners will be announced on

Park and Ride
Due to the Brick Street Repair project downtown, parking near the festival is limited. Luckily there is another alternative. The Chamber of Commerce offers a free shuttle service from the ADM High School parking lot. Take advantage of this free service to and from the festival!

The day is full of great performances on the new Stage located at the corner of 10th and Main. Find a full schedule at the Adel Partners website.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the Adel Sweet Corn Festival and can't wait to meet our readers!

Adel Sweet Corn Festival
August 13-14th
15 miles West of Des Moines on Highway 6
Russell House B&B and Tea Room
Cafe in the Park Russel House Adel Iowa
Russell House Cafe In The Park Adel Iowa

The Russell House B&B and Tearoom is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in beautiful Adel, Iowa.

Located within walking distance to Adel's historic downtown, it offers great overnight accommodations for the Sweet Corn Festival weekend. The Victorian Four Square home will beckon you to slow down and relax after a full day of festival going.

The Russell House B&B and Tearoom is also home to Cafe in the Park Catering. Besides catering any special occasion events, Café in the Park offers Ribs to Go.

Place your order before Thursday, August 19th and receive ribs, 2 sides, corn bread muffins, and dessert. Then pick up your ribs on Saturday, August 21st hot off the smoker.

The Russell House B&B and Tearoom and Cafe in the Park Catering are perfect for your next outing, special occasion, or event!

Cafe in the Park Catering
Russell House Bed and Breakfast & Tea Room
1312 Grove St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
515-993-4121 or 515-993-3707
The Adel Fan Club
Adel Fan Club

The Adel Sweet Corn Festival has been drawing huge crowds for over 3 decades. Each year the event grows, gaining recognition for Adel.

Fans of the festival are all ages and come from around the world to enjoy the spirit of the community, small town charm, and never ending hospitality.

Adel Fan Club 2008One group, the Adel Fan Club, travels each year from California and has become as much apart of the tradition as the corn served. We got the chance to speak with Jacqueline McLaughlin, Matthew Livingston, and Mary Wilcox about why they love the Sweet Corn Festival!

Q. What was your first Sweet Corn Festival like?
Matthew: My friend and partner in crime, Jackie, invited me to the festival in 2001. Her exact words were 'No! You don't want to go on a surfing safari. I know just the thing you need.'  The first thing I remember was pulling into the town square and seeing the Courthouse. It was magnificent. I thought, 'We are on to something here!'

Mary: In 2003, my friend Laura O'Brien (from California) who married Jerry O'Brien (from Adel) invited me to join them for the Festival. My first view of Adel was driving in on the Saturday of the festival, in my rental car and Laura greeting me on the corner with an ear of sweet corn and a cold beer. Since then I have been back every year.

Jacqueline: My friend, Jerry O'Brien told me about the Sweet Corn Festival.   My first trip to Adel was in 1996, and I've been coming back ever since.

Q. Why do you keep coming back?Adel Fan Club Key to the City
Jacqueline: I truly love and adore my friends that I have made in Adel.  Everyone is always so hospitable to us.

Matthew: The friends I've made and the chance to make new friends. Jackie and I met Mary in 2003 at the Rendezvous Lounge. It is about the Parade, the John Deere Tractors are my favorites, the sense of community at the corn shucking, and the corn!

Mary: Besides the best sweet corn I have ever tasted and the old school charm of the town of Adel, its about the most dear and wonderful people in my life that I met at that festival. They have made us feel not only like a part of the community, but a part of the family.

Q. Why are you fans of the Festival?
Jacqueline: To say we are fans would be an understatement!  We love Adel, the residents, and the Sweet Corn Festival so much we started the Adel Fan Club.  

Matthew: It's about corn! One year we festooned my car with banners and streamers; the girls in fine evening wear and boas, me, driving in a tux & bow tie. We snuck my car down our friends' driveway, entered the parade, and the Adel Fan Club was born.

Mary: We have been in the parade 3 times (unofficially and officially.) We formed The Adel Fan Club, of which I am the vice president, and now have a standing sweet corn serving shift right after the parade.

Adel Fan Club Serving CornQ. What are you looking forward to this year?
Mary: I am looking forward to the Festival, shucking corn Friday evening, enjoying the parade, and of course our shift serving corn. Most importantly I look forward to seeing and spending time with our treasured friends.

Jacqueline: We proudly work the first corn serving shift every year, which is always a highlight of the day! Another thing we always do is help shuck the corn on Friday night in preparation for the big day.  This is a fun time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Matthew: When in line for corn, look in the back. I'll be one of the guys bringing the fresh cooked corn to the girls... more corn!

Make sure to stop by the corn tent and introduce yourself and say hello to the Adel Fan Club August 14th!
Harvey Floral Co. Prepares for Fall
Harvey Floral Co. - Adel Iowa

While some of us aren't ready to say goodbye to summer, the Harvey Floral Co. knows gardeners are looking forward to the fall.

Come out to Adel to find a large collection of fall mums. These beautiful flowers come in many varieties, sporting different colors and sizes.

This is the right time to buy and plant so that you have flowers blooming throughout the Fall months.

The Harvey Floral Co. also has a wide selection of herbs and house plants available. Make sure to stock up on fresh herbs to go along with your locally grown produce you picked up at the Farmer's Market held every Tuesday!

Harvey Floral Company
611 Nile Kinnick Drive S.
Adel, IA 50003
Terry's Travels - Adel Pubic Library
Terry's Travels in Adel Iowa
Each month, Terry journeys through our community enjoying the sights, sounds, deals, and meals that make Adel great! This month, Terry toured the Adel Public Library.

The Adel Public Library is an incredible facility with amazing employees. Of all the cities I have traveled to, none can boast a better library than Adel.

Walking up to the building is an impressive blend of modern and traditional design against the historical backdrop of Adel. As I walked up young readers seeing the library for the first time said "Wow!," I have to agree with their sentiment.

The two story building has books in ever nook and cranny, offering a wide selection many libraries only dream about. The downstairs is dedicated to children with an Underwater themed play area, tallies for the Summer Reading Program, and short bookshelves to accommodate even the youngest of readers.

Upstairs you'll find Hardbound Fiction, Non Fiction, Paperbacks and the Teen Reading area. Each section is dense and diverse, with well read and brand new books in each section. I browsed the computerized card catalog, finding all but one book on my list.

Taking a look at the Teen Reading section shows how much the Library cares about it's readers. The floor is covered with fun chairs and the walls display volunteer opportunities, suggestions of books to read, and advertise upcoming events.

The best thing about the library, besides the near endless supply of reading materials, is the staff. Every person who volunteers or works for the library is friendly and helpful.  As I checked out I offhandedly mentioned the book I couldn't find. The librarian took down the name and title of the book and told me the library will borrow it for me!

It's been two weeks since my last visit, time to return this set of books for another. I hope to see you there!

- Terry

Adel Public Library
310 S 10th St.
Adel, IA 50003

Want to get a photo with Terry? Grab your camera and visit the booth at the Adel Sweet Corn Festival!

Have you found Terry on Facebook yet?
Become his friend and Help the World Discover Adel.
Happy 10th Anniversary Italian Villages!
Italian Villages Catering - Adel, Iowa

In August of 2000, Father and Son team, Bob and Perry Young, became owners of Italian Villages in Adel. Over the past 10 years Bob, Perry, and recent addition daughter Brenna, have renovated, updated, and improved the family business.

Now a major catering contender, Italian Villages has broadened the range of the restaurant, providing catering options for local festivals, weddings, and more. Adel is proud of our hometown favorite.

Everyday in August the restaurant will offer great deals on the food you love plus drawings to win prizes! Stop by Friday nights from 4-6pm for Happy Hour with changing deals from week to week. You'll find a full list of deals here.

Congratulations to Bob, Perry, Brenna, and everyone that has made the past 10 years possible!

Italian Villages
715 Main Street
Adel, IA 50003
(515) 993-3180

Brick Street Update

The Brick Street Renovation project is progressing. Each day the downtown landscape changes, becoming one step closer to finished.

As the project continues, it has become even more important to know how the downtown businesses are being effected.

Visit the Brick Street Update page of Here you will find daily updates, photos of the construction, parking lot maps, meeting schedule, and access information for downtown businesses.

How are customers reaching your business? Contact and we will happily include your information!
Adel Flowers and Gifts
Adel Flowers & Gifts

Each day our lives are impacted by the actions of others. Whether it is a family member, co-worker, or random person on the street, an act of kindness will brighten your day. Adel Flowers and Gifts wants to help you say "Thank You!" to those people in return.

Come in during the month of August and register that special someone. A person will be chosen at the end of the month to receive a bouquet of flowers.

Adel Flowers and Gifts are "Making a Difference," one smile at a time!

Adel Flower & Gifts
611 Nile Kinnick Dr, S. Adel IA.
(515) 993-4884
(866) 866-ROSE(7673)
Around Town
BackpacksFree School Supplies Offered August 1st

Come out to the ADM High School August 1st from 2-6pm and take part in Backpacks for  Continue reading...

Adel Mental HealthWelcome to the Community!

Adel welcomes the new Adel Mental Health office. Offers accredited services and Continue reading....

AHeinzRide Your Hogs for the Dog

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport will be holding the 2nd Annual Charity Motorcycle Poker Run Continue reading...

Brother TruckerBrother Trucker to play Penoach Winery

Enjoy an evening of roots-rock music from the band that created moving, Iowa music after the Continue reading...

CalendarMiniUpcoming Events

Find current news, upcoming events, and full Adel directory at the only online source for Continue reading...
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Bill Clark
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This month we showcase
Bill Clark, Dallas County Facilities Manager

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Atherton House
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Italian Villages
Italian Villages

RIver Valley Golf Club, Ade; IA
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Russell House B&B and Tea Room
Russell House B&B
Cafe in the Park Catering

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Adel Partners
Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce
Thank you!
The Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce has completed the membership campaign for 2010.

We appreciate community interest and look forward to working with businesses  to ensure the continued prosperity of Adel.

"Traditions Grown Here"
The 2010 Sweet Corn Festival Tee shirts are now available.

They can be purchased at
  • Adel City Hall
  • Adel Partners Office
  • Peoples Bank
  • Raccoon Valley Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Shugars Super Valu
If you are missing shirts from past years, stop by the Partners tent! We will have shirts from years past available for sale.

View the 2010 t-shirt here!

August CSI Meeting
Join us August 3rd at Patrick's restaurant for another great meeting.

Amy Day from Simpson College will speak about the Business Class to be taught this Fall.

Save the Date!
The Board of Directors recently voted to schedule our Annual Members Meeting for September 21st.

Officers will be elected at this meeting.

Volunteer of the Year
Adel Partners is made up primarily of volunteers that give hours and efforts selflessly for the betterment of our community.

Please take a few minutes to nominate your choice for both the Community Volunteer and Chamber Volunteer of the Year.

Adel Partners
P.O. Box 73
301 S. 10th Street
Adel IA 50003

Chamber of Commerce
Recipe of the Month
DDiscover Chef
One of my first memories of my Grandfather Brocka is shucking corn on the steps of his house, telling me stories about our family.

His corn field was behind his home and it had a big impact on our family.

He'd shuck a dozen ears to my one, but he'd always tell me what a great job I did, and thank me for helping.

When the girls were born we lived in an apartment. We bought our corn at the store, but I took the same care my grandfather did to find the best ears.

We'd sit on the balcony and shuck the corn as I told stories of my Grandfather.

I'd finish the majority of the corn, and then thank them. I realized that thanking them was really about sharing the time together.

When we moved to Adel we continued the tradition on our back steps.

One of my favorite photos is of our daughters on those steps, shucking corn together.

We've add another generation and I'm Grandpa now. It's only fitting that we live in Adel.

You can't grow up with a cornfield in the back yard and only have one recipe for corn on the cob.

Here is a different spin on a favorite tradition!

Spicy Bacon BBQ
Corn on the Cob

1 teaspoon each
Crushed Red Pepper
Onion Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Powder

1/4 teaspoon each
Salt and Pepper

1 lb. Bacon

12 ears corn, shucked and cleaned

Preheat grill for high heat.

Mix together all of the spices.

Sprinkle the corn with the seasoning mixture.

Wrap each ear with 2 slices of bacon, covering the ear as completely as possible.

Wrap the ears in aluminum foil, twisting the ends tightly to seal.

Place the wrapped corn on the preheated grill.

Grill on high heat until the corn is hot, about 10 minutes per side.

Turn the heat to Low.

Grill the corn until the bacon is cooked and the corn is tender, about 45 minutes.

Historical Museum
Adel Historical Museum - Adel, Iowa
The Adel Historical Museum will be open from 11am- 3pm during the Sweet Corn Festival.

Special Festival Events
Outside the museum you'll find homemade ice cream, a 1953 Willys Jeep and author Tom Lidd discussing his new book, "Nile."

It is a wonderful story about the life of hometown hero, Nile Kinnick. 

Step inside the museum and see the great displays!

Martha Hindman: Mistress of the Spinning Wheel

Justin Alliss: Dallas Co. Soldiers Through the Ages

Myrna and Sarah Luko: Basket Weaving

There will also be historic articles and pictures for sale in the shop, as well as a drawing!

New Displays
The Aerial Ortons
A 1900-1905 Kellogg 20- Line Switchboard

The safe and two side chairs from the former Arlington Hotel.

Everyone is invited to step back in time and enjoy 8 rooms packed full of historical artifacts!

Adel Historical Museum
1129 Main Street
Adel, Iowa 50003
(515) 993-1032
Library News
Adel Public Library
Finding a book you like can be a challenge.

When you do find a good book (be it a mystery, science fiction, true crime, romance or even a picture book) it can be an amazing experience. 

Few things are better than getting so wrapped up in a book that you feel like you know the characters.
There are many different ways to find a good book; reading lists, book reviews, social networking sites, family and friends.

The library is also here to help you find a book you will enjoy. 

Whether you are in the mood for a good thriller, a book that will make you cry, or something similar to John Grisham, we are your people. 

We are always happy to make recommendations for books and help you find reading lists, book reviews or even help you use any social networking sites.

We can actually help you find answers to many of your non-book related questions too. All you have to do is ask!
August Events

August 10th
Kids Lego Contest

American Girl Tea Party

August 13th and 14th
Annual Book Sale

August 24th
Youth Book Release Party

August 25th
Preschool Story Time

August 27th and 28th
Garage Sale

Starting August 31
Silent Auction

Laura Guth-Hanson
Youth Services Librarian
Adel Public Library
303 S. 10th St.
Adel, IA 50003

Adel Public Library
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