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Welcome to the May, 2010 issue of the DiscoverAdel Newsletter.

It's another busy May! Mother's Day, Graduation, Memorial Day and don't forget to fly your flag this Memorial Day. Once again, the Adel Lion's Club will place a flag on your property for the next five Holidays for a very reasonable fee. Not to mention the funds raised go to all of the good causes that they support!

We have an interview with Chad Bird, City Administrator, to discuss the Brick Street Repair Project, Dawn van Buren, Get Caught Reading Month information, more of Terry's Travels, a recipe from home, and great information from around town.



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Dawn van Buren: Local Volunteer
Brick Street Repair Project
Terry's Travels - Patrick's Restaurant
May is Get Caught Reading Month
Atherton House Spring Kiln Opening
Around Town
Holiday Flags
FeatureDawn van Buren: Local Volunteer
Dawn Banner

DawnEach month we enjoy speaking with Adel citizens about their community involvement. This month we sat down with Dawn van Buren who is a community volunteer and free- lance writer. She and her husband "Van" have lived in Adel for 4 1/2 years.

How did you and Van meet?
I worked for ARO Incorporated in Tullahoma, Tennessee. ARO is an Air Force test facility for jet aircraft located near the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

Van was the Systems Engineer assigned to ARO by IBM. We dated two and a half years before we married.

We're both workaholics. I went to work for IBM after we were married. Then we moved to Switzerland on assignment for a year. We were transferred all over the US with IBM. We've lived in 8 states! I am very grateful for the experience.

Why did you decide to move to Adel?
When I retired from IBM I went to work as a Public Safety Coordinator in Irving, Texas.  It opened my eyes to another quality of life.

Van grew up here; he graduated from DeSoto High School. We came to Van's 45th class reunion, held at the River Valley Golf Clubhouse. While Van talked to his friends I was looking around, taking in the scenery. I told Van, "This is where we need to live. This is where we need to move!"

Has it been hard adjusting?
I'm getting used to it. The pace is different which is a good thing; I appreciate the fantastic work ethic and the honesty! We built our home over the phone. It took a year and half to build, and not a single problem. Stacey Soper from Van Meter built our log house.  He could not have been nicer. Everyone bent over backwards to do what they were supposed to do. 

How do you adjust to a new community?
I join everything I can. It helps me meet people. When I first moved to Adel I helped Mary Jane Cook work an election and she invited me to join the Women's Club. I volunteered to work different events around town. I also belong to P.E.O.

How do you keep involved with the community?
Dawn van BurenI had written for 15 years for the Irving Journal. I now write the Where We Live article for Adel Living magazine. When the first edition came out I wrote the editor to tell him how great it was.  I have written for every publication since!

I really like writing about the history of old homes and meeting people. I love farms too. I feel connected to land and love the small of the earth.

Last month Van and I moved our membership to Faith Lutheran Church. I was raised Baptist, Van was raised Lutheran. I really like Faith Lutheran Church. They have a fantastic Pastor and it is an extremely friendly church.
I also give Public Safety Presentations to various clubs and organizations throughout the county.

Tell us about your cooking competitions.
I entered cooking and baking competitions for state fairs and for newspapers in Dallas and Atlanta. My mother always cooked lots and I've always cooked. I love the chemistry aspect of cooking and baking, baking best of all.

I won 1st place at the Texas State Fair for brownies and candy and the Texas Home Cooking Contest for meatloaf. I also won the Oatmeal Raisin Division of the cookie contest sponsored by Midwest Living Magazine at the Iowa State Fair.

What's your favorite thing to cook?
My favorite thing to cook in Texas was bread; bread is more temperamental in Iowa. My favorite thing to cook in Iowa is pork chops. I thought we had great meat in Texas until we moved here!

How are you spending your retirement?
Dawn van BurenI'm a clean-aholic, I cook, mow the yard, and rearrange the furniture. I love to keep house! Van and I belong to an Advance Square Dance Club that meets twice a month.  I have belonged to a dance club for over 50 years. 

Is there anything else we should know?
The quality of life surpasses anywhere else we have lived. I'm not too fond of the winters though! Lots of my friends from Dallas ask, "How do you stand it?" I tell them, "When the snow is gone, the good quality of life will still be here!"

If you would like to find out more about Dawn's Public Safety Presentations, please contact her at!
Brick Street Repair Project

Chad BirdBig changes are coming to downtown Adel. Starting in June the brick streets, sidewalks, and landscapes around the courthouse square will be repaired.

We sat down with Chad Bird, City Administrator, to find out what's to happen this summer!

Q. When Did All This Happen?
A. The City Council had been discussing the issue of brick street repairs for 20 years and decided it was time for action. The street project began in the fall of 2007. At that time, Chad contacted businesses and private citizens to participate in two public discussions.

Those first meetings covered many areas of debate, including the importance of street repairs, if repairs could be broken into smaller, more manageable and affordable sections, and whether or not to keep the brick streets. There was also discussion of the availability of grants, design specifics such as the brick pattern to use, landscaping options, and the design of the bump outs.

Q. What the discussion of Geothermal Energy?
While reviewing the street repair process, the engineers found that Adel is in a prime location for the geothermal energy concept. With the streets torn up, it was suggested we take the opportunity to drill and convert businesses around the square to this natural energy source.

The geothermal energy was presented as a public utility, available to anyone who wanted to hook up to it. After thorough research and many discussions with the engineers, it was determined that the rate of return and costs of the project were not feasible and will not be implemented.

Some businesses around the square have expressed interest in it's use for heating their sidewalks. The logistics have not yet been determined and are being discussed with business owners.

Dallas County Court House Adel IAQ. How will this affect our festivals?
Don't worry; the impact of the brick street repair project is almost non-existent. Repairs will begin after the 6th Annual Brick Street Classic Car Show (June 5th.)

June 19th is our next festival, featuring the Iowa Book Festival and All Iowa Wine Festival. These events will be located off the square around the new Adel Community Stage and Pavilion.

The city is aware that the street repairs may impact parking or traffic, but there will be no impact on the festivals.

Chad assures us that the city is doing everything they can to plan around the Sweet Corn Festival (August 14th.) As a result, Chad, the Chamber of Commerce, Festival Committee Chairs, and the engineers plan to complete the first phase of the street repair project the week before the Sweet Corn Festival. The second phase will start the week after the festivities. This plan is still being detailed.

Q. How am I Going To Shop Downtown?
The impact the repairs have on business owners has been scaled back immensely. Building owners will be able to keep their stores open, with front door access, during the span of the repairs.

The only time access will be restricted to the front of buildings is when the crews are pouring the new sidewalk. Let Chad know of important dates. Arrangements can be made to schedule around your events! "It's incredibly important that those effected be engaged in the conversations involving the repairs. Communication is the most important thing... I want to keep people informed, that's my job!"

Q. Where Will I Park?
Solutions for downtown parking during the brick street repairs are still being explored. One option is to tear up only half a block at a time. Any solution hopes to park customers no more than a block from their destination.

Before thinking of it as an imposition, consider your last trip to a local mall. Once you park, walk in, and find your favorite store, you have easily walked a quarter mile to your destination!

DowntownQ. How Will I Stay Informed?
As the start date grows closer, you may find yourself more interested in the day-to-day happenings around the square. Luckily there are many ways to stay informed!

Monthly meetings will continue the last Thursday of every month at 6:00pm at City Hall. These meetings are open to the public and Chad encourages everyone with questions to attend.

During the repairs, will post the engineers' blog, daily photos of progress from around the square, maps of the effected streets, and monthly updates with Chad.

Q. Why Are We Doing This Now?
Some may ask why we are proceeding with the street repairs in a down economy. The City Council has been very sensitive to these issues.

First, the project has been scaled back from 7 blocks to 5 with the possibility of eliminating another 2 blocks to keep the project below 2 million dollars.

Next, the city has worked on a formula to keep assessments low. On top of low assessments, business owners impacted by the repairs have 10 years to pay off the assessments.

Businesses affected by the repairs recently received assessment packages outlining the maximum amount of money they may owe. If you received an assessment and have any questions, please contact Chad! He is available to schedule a meeting in his office or your business.

Chad Bird 2 City Adel AdministratorAnd finally, it's actually a great time to hire contractors! "Because the economy is down, bidding has been lower than the engineers expected, which helps to reduce costs. We actually get the best pricing in a down economy."

Q. What if I Still Don't Get It?
Don't worry! Chad encourages the community to discuss the details of the street repairs and has opened every door for communication. 

"I think (the street repairs) will be a renaissance for the square. For people to see how we have cleaned up, beautified areas, will be a big deal. It will make people who come to town see that we care. This is the catalyst in that direction."

To find out more information about the street repair project, meeting time, or to set up an appointment to meet with Chad, please call 515-202-1217 or email
Terry's Travels - Patrick's Restaurant
Terry's Travels in Adel Iowa
Each month, Terry journeys through our community enjoying the sights, sounds, deals, and meals that make Adel great! This month, Terry enjoyed many meals at Patrick's Restaurant.

I love telling my friends about the restaurants I find on my travels. Trying new and exciting places is always a good thing. But sometimes I want traditional, down-home cooking.

I've eaten at Patrick's many times this month. I enjoyed breakfast on two different occasions. Nothing beats diner-style hash browns with onions and cheese. (It's a special request item but they were happy to indulge me.)

I had lunch with family, my Grandmother loved the Chicken Pot Pie soup and my brother in-law liked the pork tenderloin sandwich with onion rings.

I had dinner at Patrick's just a few nights ago. The service was excellent! As soon as I sat down the waitress greeted me and filled my coffee cup. It's nice to see that customer service remains strong in Adel! They serve a great Prime Rib on Friday nights. My friend enjoyed the ribs. I recommend saving room for dessert, the pie is awesome.

So, if you're looking for comfort food, head to Patrick's. It's affordable, tastes great, offers a wide range of options and the service is always friendly and efficient.

- Terry

Patrick's Restaurant
211 South 7th Street
Adel, Iowa
(515) 993-3884
Farmer's Market Seeks Vendors
harvey banner

The Harvey Floral Company is seeking additional produce vendors to participate in the upcoming Farmer's Market starting in June.

The summer Farmer's Market will be held every Tuesday, rain or shine.
June 15th - September 28th.
Hours will be 4pm - 7pm.

If you're interested in becoming a vendor, contact Debbie or Mary at 515-993-3916.

Harvey Floral Company
611 Nile Kinnick Drive S. Adel, IA.
(515) 993-3916

May is Get Caught Reading Month
Reading Banner

Get Caught Reading is a nationwide campaign to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read.

Keep reading to find ways to encourage your kids to read, local activities to celebrate Get Caught Reading month at the Adel Library, and a few tips to help you fit reading into your busy schedule!

How to Encourage Your Kids to Read
  • Take your children to the library regularly. Explore the children's section together.
  • Set aside a regular time for reading in your family. Try the 20 minutes before bedtime or another time that fits your schedule.
  • Read aloud to your child, especially a child who may be struggling. As little as 10 minutes of free reading a day can help improve your child's skills and habits.
Celebrate "Get Caught Reading Month" at the Adel Library!
We spoke with Laura Guth- Hanson, Youth Services Librarian about special May events!

Q. How is the Library celebrating Get Caught Reading month?
The first week of May we will be having a drawing for a free paperback book of your choice. People will be entered if they are caught reading a book in the library. In addition, those who are caught will have their picture taken and posted in the library! Everyone who is caught during that week will also get a treat!

We will also display the staff's favorite book picks. We encourage our patrons to make recommendations as well.

Q. How can I sign up for a library card?
Library cards are really easy to get and only take a few minutes. Anyone who lives in the state can get a card and no id is required. All we need is your name, phone number, address, and a parent signature for anyone under age 14.

Q. Are there any book clubs in Adel?
Yes! Book clubs are a great way to meet new people, chat with friends and discuss books. We offer several book clubs that are open to anyone! Information about the book clubs, including the current selections, can be found at The Brown Bag Book Club will meet Tuesday, May 25th at noon.  The Evening Book Club will meet Thursday, May 27th at 7:00pm.

How to Fit Reading into Your Schedule

  • Try it! Maybe you didn't enjoy reading in school, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it now. Search the library's card catalog to find books based on keywords or phrases that interest you.
  • Set aside time before bed or during your lunch hour to read. Don't feel pressured to finish a book in a single seating.
  • Consider different media like audiobooks, magazines, graphic novels, newspapers, and how to manuals.
Adel Flower & Gifts - Mother's Day
Adel Flower and Gifts

"Children and mothers
never truly part - Bound in the beating of each other's heart." - Charlotte Gray

Adel Flowers can help you show your love and gratitude this Mother's Day. Call us today to order flowers, plants or gift items.

Adel Flower & Gifts
611 Nile Kinnick Dr, S. Adel IA.
(515) 993-4884
(866) 866-ROSE(7673)

Atherton House Spring Kiln Opening
Atherton House - Adel Iowa

Join us for the 11th Annual outdoor pottery show in the Atherton House Gardens. Featuring the work of 90 great American studios!

Thursday, May 6
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Featuring Dan Sorensen, Swea City (10am- 4pm)
Functional and decorative wheel- thrown stoneware

Friday and Saturday, May 7 & 8
9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Featuring Russ Leckband, Earlham (Friday 10am- 4pm)
High-fired domestic and decorative stoneware

Featuring Justin Richert, Des Moines (Saturday 10am- 4pm)
Wood-fired stoneware pottery

Sunday, May 9

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Special Guest: Bob Andersen, Pella (12pm- 3pm)
Stoneware, Midwestern regionalist themes

We're "FIRED UP"... Retirement is here!
We will be on hand throughout the show to introduce you to Debbie Fix, the new owner of Atherton House. Thanks for your 15 years of spirited support of fine craftsmanship. You made it fun every day.
Best of Luck to Debbie! - David & Miriam
Around Town
John StandleyAdel Auto Parts (NAPA) Receives National Recognition
Adel Auto Parts (NAPA) earns NAPA's highest honor, the exclusive NAPA Five Star Excellence Award!

Congratulations to John Standley and his staff on achieving this award for 2009. John's store finished in the top four in the state, and was one of the top NAPA stores in the USA ... continue reading

The Cameo Rose Collection's Going Out of Business Sale continues. Stop in today to take advantage of the great deals still to be had! ...continue reading

Adel Historical Museum Opens
The Adel Historical Museum will open on Saturday, May 1.
The hours are 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
The new display is all about the Orton Brothers Circus ... continue reading

Adel Brick Street Car Show 16th Annual Brick Street Classic Car Show
June 5th, 2010

Voodoo3 performing live during the show!

Registration: 11-1pm
Entry fee $15 day of show or $12 pre-registration
Awards: 4 pm ... continue reading

Adel Public Library Garage Sale
Friday, May 28

9 am to 5 pm
Saturday, May 29
10 am to noon

Proceeds will be used to purchase new craft tables and ... continue reading
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Featured Article

Dawn Headshot
Each month we
showcase a business, person, or organization that makes Adel special.

This month we interviewed
Dawn van Buren.

If you have a business or organization you would like to see featured, please contact us at
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Adel Partners
Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce
Adel Partners
Chamber of Commerce

Scholarship Update

Last month the Chamber announced funding of two partial scholarships for
the entrepreneurial camp, Business Horizons.

Last week, Greg DuFoe, ADM Superintendent announced the ADM School District will also partially fund the scholarships!

More information
is available at

May CSI Meeting

Last month we had about 20 Chamber members attend the CSI (Chamber Sharing Ideas) meeting.

We had a lot of good ideas shared!

Our second "CSI" will be held Tuesday, May 4th
11:30am- 1:00pm at
Patrick's Restaurant.

We will be talking about those ideas, as well as, any other ideas that you bring up.

Lunch will be ordered off the menu (Dutch Treat.) Feel free to come and go as your lunch hour allows.

Join the CSI Team.  
Together we can make a difference for Adel.

Summer Festivals
Volunteers are still needed to help the day of our upcoming summer festivals:

Brick Street Classic Car Show
June 5
Featuring approximately
100 cars

Iowa Book Festival
June 19
8 Featured Authors

All Iowa Wine Festival
June 19
Featuring 12 Iowa Wineries

Sweet Corn Festival
August 14
We will be needing several volunteers!

Please contact Linda Boettcher or "Van" Van Buren, at the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce office for more information.
or 515-993-5472.
Recipe of the Month
DDiscover Chef
Stuffed French Toast
with Homemade Strawberry Syrup

My dad loved to cook breakfast on Sunday. He'd gather us in the kitchen and make a spread that would have fed the neighbors, with leftovers to take home!

When my kids were small I kept the tradition. We'd make pancakes, waffles, or french toast as the main part. Then add in bacon, sausage, hash browns and a couple of eggs! 

As they grew older, they each got a station in the kitchen as we fixed brunch. Eventually I got moved from head cook to toaster support.

My oldest has taken my plain french toast recipe and greatly improved upon it.

Here is her recipe, well worth a try for your next brunch!


1 loaf French Bread, sliced thinly
12 eggs
1/3 c Milk
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Salt
1 pkg Cream Cheese, soften
1 tsp Vanilla
1 lb Strawberries, chopped
2 tbsp Sugar
1 c Water
Whipped cream


Whip together Eggs, Milk, Cinnamon, and Salt. Set egg wash aside.

Blend Cream Cheese and Vanilla until smooth. Make cream cheese sandwiches.

In a large fry pan combine Water, Strawberries and Sugar. Stir over medium heat until it begins to bubble. Reduce heat to low, stirring occasionally for 15 minutes.

Heat large skillet or griddle. Spray with non-stick spray or melted butter.

Dip sandwiches individually in egg wash, then transfer to skillet. Brown on both sides.

Top with Strawberry syrup and whip cream.

Library News
Adel Public Library
Annual Friends of the Library Meeting

Thursday, May 6th
at 6:30pm
Become a Friend of the Library today for $5!

Early Out Movie
May 12th at 1:30pm
Movie is to be determined.

Open Mic Night
May 14th at 6:30pm
Share poetry, music, and other creative pieces. Entries must be family friendly. 

Teen Craft
May 17th at 4:00 pm
Make an earbud holder for your portable music player.

Laura Guth-Hanson
Youth Services Librarian

Adel Public Library
303 S. 10th St.
Adel, IA 50003

To find out more, please contact the library at 515-993-3512 or by email at
Laura Guth -
Adel Public Library
Holiday Flags Available
flagFlag Day Adel IA
The Adel Lions will place a flag on your property for these holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Veteran's Day.

The cost for this great service is only
$20 per year.

Adel Lions Flags - Adel Iowa

The Lions and the Adel Boy Scouts make the journey early in the morning setting up the flags and later in the evening they gather them.

It's never too late to sign up to have them put one or more up on your lawn.

The proceeds go to good causes that the Lions Club do in Adel.

 Holiday Flags Sign Up Form
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