Vol. 51 January 2013
Dear Friend of Adel,

Happy New Year! The world didn't end last week which means those New Year's resolutions everyone makes are still valid.

I'm of the old school that resolutions are like birthday wishes, if you tell what you wish for you don't get it. Also, if their are no witnesses, no one but you know when you're not suppose to have that extra scoop of ice cream.

Speaking of New Year's resolutions, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dawn Hinton of Active Girl Fitness and discussing her business.

We've also got a great solution for Driving this winter, an update on a New Busines, a local companies effort to help brighten Service peoples lives this Holiday season, news from the Library, an update Getting Fit, a Recipe From Home and Much More!

Have a great January, may all your resolutions be fullfilled!

We look forward to seeing you in Adel this month!


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Active Girl Fitness - Dawn Hinton
Let Home Care Services Drive this Winter!
Active Girl Fitness 2013 Boot Camp January
Adel Company Ships Holiday Cheer to Troops in Afghanistan
Cedar Creek Now the Animal Hospital of Adel
Adel Food Pantry Update - New Hours
Around Town - Upcoming Events
Active Girl Fitness -Dawn Hinton
Active Girl Fitness Adel Iowa
Active Girl Fitness - Adel Iowa
Dawn Hinton

Welcome to 2013! As we mark the first day of the year, many Iowans are setting New Year's resolutions. After a month of holiday treats and goodies, it's not surprising that the most common resolutions revolve around health and wellness.


If you made the same resolution last year (and the year before that, and the year before that), perhaps it's time to try an Adel original: Virtual Fitness Training with Dawn Hinton of Active Girl Fitness!


A former model, Dawn found that becoming a wife and mother of two had distracted her for years from her personal wellness goals. With her children slightly older, she knew it was time to reengage her efforts. But being a new mom, with a full time job, made it necessary to find creative ways to overcome the excuses and time limitations that could have stalled her success.


Dawn turned to the Internet, seeking knowledge, guidance, and motivation. Slowly, she began to make healthy changes to her diet and exercise routine, which helped her lose 30 pounds and return to her model figure. Friends, relatives, even old photographers from her past began to find her on Facebook and remark how great she looked, and ask how they could do it too.


Dawn realized that she wanted to help as many people as possible, without the overwhelming manpower required of traditional, face-to-face training. Started in January 2012, Active Girl Fitness is a virtual training program. While developing her own wellness plans, she found that most programs required either expensive equipment purchases or a gym membership and organized time with a by-the-hour trainer. (Which for Dawn, and parents like her, meant leaving home and the additional cost of a babysitter.) That's why Active Girl Fitness is virtual- it grants participants all the information, education, guidance, and motivation of traditional wellness programs, in the comfort of their home, right at their fingertips across all social media channels.

Sign up for Dawn's "Daily Fit Tips" on her website.   


Each program is fully customized to the participant. Dawn helps clients identify short and long term goals and healthy food options, evaluates wellness needs, and plans exercise routines based on the equipment already in their home. Plans break down to about 4 hours of strength training and cardiovascular exercises per week.


In addition, Dawn positively engages clients by sending exercise, motivation, and healthy eating tips throughout the week using Facebook, email, text messaging, Twitter, and other forms of social media along with her website. Many clients also take advantage of a weekly consultation to discuss challenges, changes, and goal realignment. Not only to solidify the bonds between trainer and trainee, but also to reinforce personal accountability. It is Dawn's personal touch that has made a big difference with her clients.


"You can feel really alone when you are trying to live healthy but Dawn is there with me. She is my teacher, mentor, motivator, and guide through this process. Every morning I wake up, look at my clock at 4:20am, groan, and want to roll over. Then I see my favorite Fit Tip taped on my clock, "You can make the CHOICE or the EXCUSE". I hate excuses." Gina (Rhode Island) Courtesy of


As Active Girl Fitness continued to grow, Dawn began to expand her offerings to include boot camp classes in Adel. Throughout the summer and fall of 2012, Dawn offered exercise classes in the park each Monday and Wednesday morning from 5-5:45am. Now that Iowa's winter has rolled in, Dawn found safe haven collaborating with Lindsey Grife of the Let's Dance TLC Dance Studio on the square.


Active Girl Fitness - Adel Iowa
5:30 a.m. Boot Camp

For just $7, the price of that unhealthy martini or frozen pizza, participants enjoy a spirited, high-energy workout. Rotating through a series of stations, participants work at their own pace towards their personal goals.

Dawn exercises right along side, helping clients perform exercises correctly and safely while isolating muscle groups specific to their wellness needs. While everyone is working hard, there are also smiles all around the room as participants realize their own abilities and gain a sense of accomplishment.

New attendees are always welcome, and may pay as they attend each class or in advance for the month. Check out to find the class schedules each month!

Dawn sees great potential in the Active Girl Fitness brand and plans to expand her offerings in Adel and around the country. She is currently in the process of filming helpful exercise videos, and gathering more clients willing to become part of her portfolio.

If you are interested in becoming a Testimonial Client, willing to take a before and after photo and share your success story with others, contact Dawn Hinton and mention you read about Active Girl Fitness at to receive a special discount!

Dawn Hinton is a Virtual Personal Trainer with a passion for fitness. Dawn lives an active, healthy lifestyle and follows the "Eat Clean" diet. Dawn is not a trained nutritionist or dietitian. Consult your doctor before engaging in any wellness program.

Active Girl Fitness
P.O. Box 141
Adel, IA 50003
Phone: (515) 208-5711

Let Home Care Services Drive this Winter!
Dallas County Home Care - Adel Iowa

Winter Driving Winter is finally upon us and we Iowans know how some Iowa winters can be -blowing, drifting, batteries that don't start, starters that go out, etc.

Although we certainly need the moisture, and didn't really get the full effects of our usual winter last year, are you ready for winter driving in Iowa this year?

Is your vehicle dependable? When your car is in the repair shop, or your car pool driver isn't going to work, do you have a backup plan? Or you simply don't want to drive that day?

Please remember that our drivers are typically out on the road, although we, too, don't want them to drive you or themselves if it is treacherous!

We can take you back and forth to work, shopping, lunch with friends, doctors' appointments, etc. Our HIRTA public transportation buses can also transport wheelchairs and can provide door to door service.

Buses and vans run Monday through Friday anywhere inside Dallas County and to other counties when you make the call.

Office hours are 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and can run earlier and later.

To call for rates and/or make a 24 hour advance reservation, please call 515-993-4531 or 515-465-2300, ext. 1 or 2.

Keep Safe This Winter!

Homecare Services of Dallas County
101 N 9th St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-4531

Active Girl Fitness 2013 Boot Camp January  

Active Girl Fitness Adel Iowa
Dawn Hinton - Active Girl Fitness


Upcoming Indoor Boot Camp Sessions this December in Adel at 907 1/2 Main St. (above Studio 110).

Join Trainer Dawn Hinton of Active Girl Fitness in her new location!

Hosted on Monday and Wednesday's:

Week 1 1/7 & 1/9, 5:00-5:45 a.m.
Week 2 1/14 & 1/16, 5:00-5:45 a.m.
Week 3 1/21 & 1/23, 5:00-5:45 a.m.
Week 4 1/28 & 1/30, 5:00-5:45 a.m.

$7 per class*, cash only.

Please - register online at Active Girl Fitness.

Active Girl Fitness
P.O. Box 141
Adel, IA 50003
Phone: (515) 208-5711

BAdel Company Ships Holiday Cheer to Troops in Afghanistan
Base Donates to Troops
Front: Anne Case, Jessica Radebaugh, Cindy Harrington, Jessica Reynolds Back: Tom Stiles, Brian Hutchison, Missy Solum

The holidays snuck up fast this year, but that didn't stop the employees at BASE from expressing their gratitude to the men and women who serve our country. 

Each year BASE decides to spread some holiday cheer with a community project that is optional for each employee to participate. 

You could say that this project has hit a little closer to home for BASE this year.
Employees have watched as a fellow co-worker, Missy Solum, sent her son overseas. 

Her son David Newton is a local Adel graduate who enlisted in the military and left for Afghanistan in September.  One of his best friends Joey Sinnwell, from Earlham, is also stationed in Afghanistan. 

When employees found out that BASE was planning to send care packages overseas for both David and Joey's troops, the response was overwhelming.
"Figuring there are only 27 employees, nobody would have ever guessed that we would have averaged over $100 per employee in donations.  We are proud to be able to give something back to people who provide us with the freedoms we have each and every day," said Anne Case, Director of Marketing and Communications for BASE. 

In just a few short weeks, BASE collected enough supplies to ship 30 packages for each of the two troops.  These supplies consisted of food, sunscreen, bug spray, flashlights, blankets, footballs and more.
While these supplies won't make it in time for Christmas, BASE is glad that the troops will receive some of the comforts of home close to the holidays.

BCedar Creek Now the Animal Hospital of Adel
The Animal Hospital of Adel Dear Valued Client,
I am excited to announce that on January 1, 2013, the Adel location of Cedar Creek Animal Clinic will become The Animal Hospital of Adel as I take ownership of the practice.

Our location will remain at 112 South 9th Street in Adel. You may reach us by telephone at 515-993-3410 or by e-mail at
The same great team will continue to serve you and your pet's needs in our office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

For the time being, the clinic will continue to be closed on Wednesdays. If you have an emergency outside our normal business hours, please call the office to receive further instructions.
We have some exciting changes planned to continue offering you the very best pet care experience possible. To receive updates, please make sure we have your current e-mail address on file. You may also follow us on Twitter @TheAHofAdel and 'Like' our page, The Animal Hospital of Adel, on Facebook.
It has been an absolute pleasure serving as your pet's veterinarian and becoming part of the Adel community over the past 5 years.

I appreciate your support as we do our best to make this transition as seamless as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have; I value your feedback.
Thank you for your business in the past and I look forward to continuing our relationship as the new owner of The Animal Hospital of Adel.
Dr. Jennifer Hoffelmeyer
Owner, The Animal Hospital of Adel
Thank you for the support as the practice has made transitions in the last several years. I have faith Dr. Hoffelmeyer will continue to improve the standards of care. She has my confidence now and in the future.
Dr. John Holcomb
Cedar Creek Animal Clinic, Winterset

The Animal Hospital of Adel
112 S 9th St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-3410
Fax: (515) 993-5763
Facebook: The Animal Hospital of Adel

Adel Food Pantry Update - New Hours Jan 7th.
Adel Food Pantry - Good Samaratin
We have been making many changes, hopefully all good, and the hours changing are just one of them.

Starting January 7th our new regular hours will be Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., if ADM schools are closed, the pantry will be also.

Note: December 31 and January 3rd will be the current hours.

The West door under the canopy at the church is still the door to use.

The phone number is (515) 423-0753.

The Good Samaritan Food Pantry is located at the Adel United Methodist Church.

The food pantry is available to people living in the ADM and Van Meter school district. Please don't forget to share your blessings with those in the community who are suffering financial distress and hunger.

Please contact Celia McCollum, Michelle Messer or Teresa Wichendahl about needs of the food pantry or how you can be of help to it.

Good Samaritan Food Pantry of Adel
United Methodist Church
115 South Tenth Street
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 423-0753

Adel Heath Mart Pharmacy
Adel HealthMart Adel Iowa
Adel HealthMart Christmas Our Health Mart pharmacy specializes in serving our community with fast, friendly, professional service and the highest-quality medicines and health products.

You'll always work with somebody at our pharmacy who greets you by name, and our pharmacists take the time to counsel you and answer your questions.

Visit us for all your healthcare needs!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook!

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Adel Health Mart
Phone: 515-993-3644
Fax :515-993-4714
After hours Emergency: 515-333-2959
Brick Street BBQ - Cravings!
Brick Street BBQ - Adel, Iowa
Brick St BBQ Adel Iowa Are you craving BBQ... Brick Street Barbecue?

A little snow isn't stopping us from firing up the smoker and doing BBQ. Smoked low and slow with a combination of dry rubs and a smidge of sauce

Our technique results in the most tender, flavorful and delicious BBQ dining experience you'll find.

Call Merle by Wednesday and your order will be ready for pick up on Friday.

Reserve a date now for your next special event or when you have a craving for finger licking barbecue. Our BBQ is a favorite of customers from New York to Alaska.

Brick Street Barbecue
29048 Prospect Ave
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-3049
Email: Email Merle Here
Website: www.BrickSt
Around Town
Adel Parks & RecAdel Park and Rec. 2013 December Events

Youth Baseball and Softball...  Continue Reading
ADM Youth Spring Soccer Registration...   Continue Reading
Kiwanis Club Youth Basketball Tourneys -  Continue Reading

Adel Snowman Contest 2013 Adel Parks Snowman Contest

Have fun as a family building a snowman. Build a snowman in any Adel City Park between now and March 15th...  Continue reading
HomeCare Services Blood Pressure Check Blood Pressure Clinics in Dallas County

HomeCare Services, Inc. and Dallas County Public Health have joined forces to provide Blood Pressure Clinics once a month in Adel and... Continue reading
ISU Dallas County Extension Office Local Food Growers to Meet Jan. 7th.

The first meeting of the winter for the Growing Food and Profit Group will be Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church... Continue reading 

Free Kids Closet - Adel, Iowa Free Kids Clothes Closet

Kids Clothes Closet is here to help with free clothing! Stop by the Kids Clothes Closet in Adel on the first and third Saturday of each month from 9-11am... Continue reading

United Methodist Church
Wednesday Night Suppers at Adel Methodist Church

Each Wednesday we offer a balanced meal to members of the church and to people in our community. We welcome everyone in the community to enjoy a meal... Continue reading
Yoga Adel
Yoga Class in Adel - 2013

Due to the recent blizzard, the dates for the next session of Yoga in Adel have changed. The new 6 week series of classes begins on January 9th...  Continue reading

Check out the full list of events on the Calendar.
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Featured Article
Active Girl Fitness - Adel Iowa
This month we showcase Dawn Hinton, Owner of Active Girl Fitness
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Courtesy of Adel Library

Join Iowa artist and Adel native Kathy Lewis for a four week china painting class every Monday evening in January.

The class begins on Monday, January 7th at 6:30 p.m. and costs $20.00 per person.

Tax time can be very stressful and too many times people don't know what they can deduct.

The library is hosting local CPA Bart Banwart for a class called "Tax Nuggets: What you can and can't deduct" on Thursday Jan. 10th at 6:30 p.m.

Bart Banwart is a Portfolio Analyst and an expert at tax managing and planning.

The Annual Soup Luncheon will be held on Saturday, January 19th at Noon. Your free will donation benefits further Adult programming.

This year's program, presented by Rod Stanley, will be Bonnie & Clyde . . . the rest of the story.

Children's activities are a great escape to the brisk fall weather.

Story Time for ages 3-5 year olds will meet on Mondays, Toddler Time for children 3 and under will be held on Tuesdays, while Music Time for all preschoolers will meet on Thursdays.

Story times resume on Monday December 14th and each class will begin at 10:30 a.m. and is sure to be lots of fun.

New this year, the library will have weekly school aged activities for kids in grades pre-K through fifth grade.

Every Monday at 4:00 p.m. we'll have a different activity; the first Monday of the month is Lego League, the second Monday is a Wii play group, the third Monday is a School Age Story time, the fourth Monday is a Science Club, and the fifth Monday will be a surprise!

All school aged kids are welcome to come and have fun at your library!

Join our exercise program three mornings each week and get your morning started in a fit and healthy way.

The exercise group meets Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. every week.

Complete schedules are available at the information desk.

Be a smart cookie and read! It's time for our winter Family Reading Program to begin.

Come to the library on Friday, January 18th to sign up for the program and we'll give you a free cookie!

The January Teen Advisory Board meeting will be on Tuesday, January 8th at 4:00 p.m.

The Brown Bag Book Club meets on Thursday, January 10th at Noon to discuss "The Lock Artist" by Steve Hamilton.

The Evening Book Club meets on Thursday, January 31st at 7:00 p.m. to discuss "The Tortilla Curtain" by T. Coraghessan Boyle.

The Adel library has several copies of the new Adel Women's Club Community Cookbook "Treasured Recipes" available for sale.

These cookbooks make great holiday gifts and all proceeds support the Adel Women's Club, a valuable part of our Adel community and strong supporter of your library.


Library Hours:
Mon. and Fri. 10am-5pm
Tues. -Thurs. 10am-7pm
Sat. 10am-1:30pm

Laura Guth-Hanson
Youth Services Librarian
Adel Public Library
303 S. 10th St.
Adel, Iowa 50003

Adel Public Library
Recipe of the Month
DDiscover Chef
Yum Yum Banana Berry Muffins

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, this recipe and lifelong fit tips are courtesy of Dawn Hinton and Active Girl Fitness.


Rules for Living a Healthy, Happy, Fit Life


 - Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.


 - Get a good night's rest, at least 7 hours of sleep.


 - Skip processed foods. If it doesn't grow in the ground or have a mother, don't eat it.

 - Fuel your body; eat "small meals" every 2-3 hours.

 - Eliminate soda and alcohol from your diet.

 - Be an Active Girl or Guy! Keep moving everyday.

 - Strength Training - body transformation. This paired with a clean diet will yield you big results!

 - Surround yourself with positive people and a strong support system.

 - Dawn highly recommends Tosca Reno's book, "The Eat-Clean-Diet Recharged".  "It's a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and motivation."


2 C. Whole Wheat Flour

1/3 C. Sucanat ("cleaner"   

   form of cane sugar)

1 tsp. Cinnamon

2 tsp. Baking Powder

1 tsp. Baking Soda

3 medium Bananas, mashed

1/2 C. Unsweetened   


4 Egg Whites

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 1/2 C. frozen Mixed Berries

12 Muffin Liners or Nonstick   



1. Preheat oven to 350 degree.

2. Line 12 cup muffin pan with paper muffin liners or lightly coat with nonstick spray.

3. In a large mixing bowl, combine whole wheat flour, Sucanat, cinnamon, baking powder, and baking soda. Set aside.

4. In medium mixing bowl, combine mashed bananas, egg whites, vanilla extract, and unsweetened applesauce.

5. Mix the banana mixture into the flour mixture.

6. Fold in the mixed berries.

7. Spoon combined batter into lined muffin cups.

8. Bake approximately 18-22 minutes or until a fork inserted into the center the muffins comes out clean.

Pet Adoption
AHeinz57 Poker Run
AHeinz57 Pit Stop Adoption Day, Every Saturday.

Stop by the Pit Stop from 1:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m. and take home a friend.

You will receive the precious gift of unconditional love in return!

109 Guthrie Street
(Hwy 169), DeSoto, IA.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport 
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