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This month we have interviews with Kat O'Brien and John Petosa of Optimae Lifeservices about a cafe and bookstore coming to Adel, G.Rafics Inc. celebrates 20 years of service with a new look, and we offer you winter fun activities that make Adel special.

We also have the latest events from Around Town, special news from the Adel Public Library, a Recipe from Home, and Terry Traveller's visit to Anytime Fitness.



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In This Issue
Optimae Lifeservices Presents Brick St. Books & Cafe
G.Rafics Inc. Celebrates 20 Years of Service
Winter Fun in Adel, Iowa
ADM Alumni Announces 2011 Inductees
Terry Traveller: Anytime Fitness
Optimae Lifeservices Presents
Brick St. Books & Cafe

Optimae Lifeservices - Brick St. Books & Cafe
Optimae Lifeservices Cafe TeamAdel, Iowa is home to many companies that quietly fly under the radar while making a huge impact on the community.

This month we spoke with Kat O'Brien and John Petosa of Optimae Lifeservices, a little known human services company in Adel.

Optimae Lifeservices assists families and individuals with mental illness and intellectual disabilities. Their motto, At Your Side, On Your Side establishes the difference between Optimae and similar companies.

Kat O'Brien is the Program Director of Services in Dallas County and took the job because this business philosophy fits so closely with her own.

"Optimae Lifeservices helps those in need in a respectful, dignified manner. Some human service companies take a maternal approach, at Optimae that is not the case. We don't dictate our client's lives to them, we help them make their own choices."

Life coaches help clients manage their medications, budgets, education, and employment based on their level of need. Everything from psychological services for the general public, to home care services that help manage symptoms of those unable to leave the house.

The Adel office is proud to provide Educational and Employment services under the direction of Adel citizen, Pat Steele. Pat has been with the company since 2001 and is the Director of Employment.

Pat Steele- Optimae LifeservicesThrough his diligent work, Optimae Lifeservices has been able to receive education and employment grants to participate in and develop programs such as Student Success, S.T.E.P., and Project SEARCH.

Optimae Lifeservices' educational programs helps students succeed, with guided courses and resources in literacy and computers.

Under the Student Success program, students prepare for post secondary education or vocational training.

Once clients have completed the Student Success program, students then have the opportunity to take certification courses or college credit courses at Des Moines Area Community College, Grandview University, or Drake University. Students are also eligible for $500 scholarships to help with tuition costs. Each student must pay for a portion of their tuition to help establish a sense of ownership and pride in their education.

S.T.E.P. or Supporting The Employment Process, uses proven technology to ensure clients are empowered to choose and obtain long- term employment they enjoy in their local community.

Project SEARCH is a nine month program that combines real-life work experience with training in employability and independent living skills through careers in health care which traditionally have not been open to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Optimae Lifeservices currently owns a furniture store, 2 coffee shops, a janitorial service company, and an organic farm throughout central Iowa offering many options for on-site job skill training such as office administration, computer training, food service, and retail sales.

Cafe Manager John Petosa will run the newest coffee shop, Brick St. Books & Cafe, located on the downtown square in Adel. John is the perfect fit for the new store, with job experience in human services and restaurant management, and a love of literature.

Both John and Kat care about the environment and supporting the local community. John stated, "We're doing things in a way that is better for the environment. We want to provide quality products at fair supporting local businesses in Adel, we are able to benefit everyone."

The free-range eggs and produce used at the restaurant will be brought in from Optimae's chemical free organic farm in Redfield. Bakery items such as fresh bread, tortillas, and pastries will be supplied locally by Elaine Nederhoff. Elaine's baking business, Pies Bread & Beyond, is also new to Adel.

Brick St. Books & CafeBrick St. Books & Cafe is scheduled to open February 14th, 2011 and plans to offer free wifi, breakfast and lunch menus, new and used books, fair trade organic coffee, espresso, and baked goods.

The Cafe is currently being adapted to accommodate a new lounge area and multiple book displays.

The employee base for Brick St. Books & Cafe will be drawn from the local population and Optimae's clientele. Brittney Fox will coordinate Human Resource services to staff members placed through Optimae's employment program.

The proximity of the Cafe to the Dallas County office is incredibly beneficial for Kat and John. While other Optimae-owned companies must communicate by phone or email, Brick Street Books & Cafe will be just a flight of stairs away. If you are interested in joining the Brick St. Books & Cafe crew, please contact John Petosa.

Optimae believes strongly in supporting the communities needs and knew Adel could use a coffee shop. The company has been looking for appropriate locations around town throughout the summer months. "We're always looking for the next big challenge. When we get an idea and we move on it!" said Kat.

John added, "The company's entrepreneurial outlook makes it exciting to work [for Optimae.] We're not afraid to try new things or take on the next big innovation. We look forward to serving the community, no pun intended!"

Optimae Lifeservices has been located in Adel for the past three years. Like many unknown businesses in Adel, you may not see a sign for Optimae Lifeservices, but they are always available, contributing diligently as silent benefactors to those in need of their services throughout Adel and Dallas County.

To find out more about Optimae Lifeservices and the new Brick St. Books & Cafe, please contact Kat O'Brien or John Petosa.

Optimae Lifeservices
803 1/2 Main St.
Adel, Iowa 50010
Phone: (515) 993-4974
Fax: (515) 993-4975
T.S.S. Snow Removal
T.S.S. Snow Removal

It's winter in Iowa! Time to brave below freezing temperatures, heavy snow, ice, and near hypothermia just to get out of the drive way.

Don't wake up early to plow through Iowa's icy tundra, call T.S.S. Snow Removal in Adel!

T.S.S. Snow Removal is equipt to handle public and private sidewalks, driveways, and more. The 42" Bobcat skid loader bucket is perfect for removing snow all around your home or business. Hand work is also available for smaller walking paths.

So stay warm this winter and let T.S.S. Snow Removal handle whatever Mother Nature has in store for us next!

T.S.S. Snow Removal
103 S. 6th St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 306-9667
G.Rafics Inc. Celebrates 20 Years of Service
G.Rafics Inc - Design

Last month we started conversations about home-based businesses in Adel, leading readers to wonder what other businesses are hidden away among our historic brick streets.

Chris Brocka- G.Rafics Inc.This month we spoke with Chris Brocka, Graphic Designer and home-based Adel business owner of G.Rafics Inc. which is celebrating 20 years of service.

Like many home based businesses, G.Rafics Inc. started with family.

20 years ago this Christmas, Chris was shopping for college art supplies when he found blank postcards that were pre-cut into puzzles.

Gathering his wife and 3 daughters, the Brocka's created their first family Christmas card that sparked a family tradition that still lives on today.

During one of his design classes, an assignment was given to create a business logo. Chris set out to create a trademark design that could be utilized on the holiday cards.

Chris smiled as he remembered his middle daughter humorously mispronounced his new career as a 'giraffe-ic artist.'
Using the play on words, he designed a setting African sun with three giraffes to represent himself, his wife Lori, and his three daughters Katrina, Jessica, and Allyson.

Chris remembers showing his portfolio to clients in those early years, being recognized for the G.Rafics business card more than his own which featured a lion. "I ended up becoming known as the Giraffe Guy and had to act on that recognition."

The Brocka's were gathered together once again, holding the first of many family business meetings around the kitchen table. "The design was for them. I thought it was only right to get their permission to use their design for myself. Luckily, they agreed!" and G.Rafics Inc. was created.

In the early days of the modern Internet, websites were created in two parts- Design and Development. In the days of dial up, Graphic Designers were able to create beautiful designs but most were unaware of the technical skills involved when moving from a printed image to an interactive website. Computer Programmers on the other hand created advanced lines of code, beautiful in their own right, but stumbled when trying to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Contracting through G.Rafics Inc, Chris became a Corporate Consultant. As a liaison between the two departments, he was able to speak both languages in the visual and technical fields.

Soon he began building government and corporate websites, focusing on both the design and development stages of the process with his family working along side. Each of his daughters spent Saturday mornings in the office with their dad, learning computer skills and developing their own design styles.

In 2005, Chris left the corporate world to follow his dream of developing his own projects. Today, Chris and the team produce websites for businesses and organizations throughout Iowa, including the Adel Public Library, ADM Alumni Association, Adel Fire Department fundraiser, Raccoon River Valley Trail Association, and

The company website,, was recently redesigned to be more representative of what G.Rafics Inc. can offer their clients, coining the phrase Go Beyond The Ordinary. "As much as we love the giraffes, our old website wasn't pushing any design boundaries. The new site catches your attention and shows you we can go outside the box."

New features include a sliding display of products and services, new portfolio pieces, and whimsical quotes to play off the family's love of science fiction and pop art.

Clients will also begin to receive an informative newsletter to help them through the pitfalls of managing a website with tips to generate interest, return business, and help them make the most out of their purchase. A free service for clients, G.Rafics Inc. hopes that by sharing their knowledge with their clients it will foster a sense of pride and ownership in their website.

G.Rafics Inc. is very excited to reintroduce their fast and affordable promotional printing that includes business cards, signage, direct mailing, menus, brochures, and more. "Each design is created to be cohesive across multiple promotional products...  and to connect with the client's target audience and be instantly recognizable."

Additional services are also available such as free website consultations, hosting packages, Search Engine Optimization, detailed website metrics (information on how well your site is doing), online marketing campaigns, and a staffed writer to create fresh content and market specific advertising copy. Contact G.Rafics Inc. today to find out about their free website consultation!

G.Rafics Inc. gives back to the town they have loved for years by volunteering at many community events as members of the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce, producing which offers free promotion to Adel organizations, and offering discounts to non-profit groups on promotional printing and websites.

"We looked at tons of communities and chose to live in Adel because of the school system and the people. We feel very honored to call Adel home for the past 24 years and to base our business here. That's just one of the reasons we have been finding ways to give back."

After 20 years of service, G.Rafics Inc. is still a family business. The Brocka family plays an important part in the company, completing each project as a team and continuing to meet around the kitchen table.

G.Rafics Inc.
609 Court St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 971-9680
G.Rafics Inc Ad
Reich and Loynachan Insurance Agency
Reich and Loynachan - Adel Insurance

It's been a great year for Reich and Loynachan Insurance in Adel!

This year we added several national carries to our network of top-rated insurance companies so that we may continue to offer you the insurance you need, knowledge you can trust, and the service you deserve.

Start your new year off right with peace of mind. Call us today for a free coverage comparison review and find out about our preferred home, auto, and small business packages. We now offer health and Medicare Supplement policies too.

Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year from all of us at the Reich and Loynachan Insurance Agency!

Reich and Loynachan Insurance
917 Main St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-4135
Fax: (515) 993-1883

Reich and Loynachan Insurance Carriers
Winter Fun in Adel, Iowa
Winter Fun in Adel

For some towns, tourism stops when the leaves fall. In Adel, Iowa the fun has just begun. Check out these small town favorites for family fun all winter long!

Snowman Contest
Sponsored by the City of Adel Parks and Recreation Deapartment, the annual Snowman contest is held December 1st- through March 15th. Meet your friends in any of the Adel Parks and create a one of a kind snowman! Then, send a photo of your wintery friend with your contact information to City Hall. The winning group will be awarded a family size pizza!

Send Photos to Nick Schenck, Parks & Rec. Director at

Holiday Lights
Share the holiday tradition with your family as you tour the holiday lights in Adel, Iowa. Ride around town in the comfort of your car as you take in beautiful luminaries decorating century old homes, just like when you were a kid. Make the experience complete with a warm cup of hot chocolate from any of Adel's convenient stores!

Travel the Trail
All summer long people take advantage of the Raccoon River Valley Trail system connecting Adel and the Des Moines Metro to the East and traditional farmlands to the West. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean the trail closed down! This year, the City of Adel has made it legal to snowmobile along the trail within city limits. Just make sure to keep your ride on the trail and stay under 10 miles per hour.

As always, the trail is also open to die-hard cyclists, joggers, and cross county skiing parties. Check out the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association's website, for events along the trail all year long.

Sledding Spectacular
Remember the rush of standing at the top of a tall hill, soft snow beneath your feet? The wind in your hair as you raced to the bottom? Well come out to Adel and experience it again this winter! Adel has some great sledding locations for any age. Check out Evans Park for smaller hills for the young ones to enjoy. Then hit up the Adel Elementary or ADM High School for a more extreme sledding experience!

That's not all! Keep an eye on's daily news site for upcoming winter events throughout Adel that are perfect for the whole family!

So bundle up the kids, grab your camera, and make memories you're sure to enjoy for years to come in Adel, Iowa this winter!
Italian Villages Delivers
Italian Villages and The Villa Catering- Adel, Iowa

During the cold winter months when the weather is bad call Italian Villages in Adel, Iowa for a lunch delivery!

Italian Villages is happy to brave the cold, ice, and snow to deliver your favorite subs, salads, pizza and more to your office or home with a $25 minimum order.

So stay warm this winter and have lunch in the office from Italian Villages!

Italian Villages and The Villa Catering
715 Main Street
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-3180
ADM Alumni Announces 2011 Inductees
ADM Alumni Banner
The ADM High School Selection Committee has announced the 2011 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees!

This year's inductees will be honored at the ADM Alumni Association's All Class Reunion August 12th, 2011.

The 2011 inductees are:
  • John M. Burket, Minburn Class of 1953
  • Wayne Taylor, Central Dallas Class of 1960
  • Tim Daugherty, Class of 1970
  • Michelle Cutler, Class of 1988
These distinguished Tigers will join the ranks of 40 fellow members of the ADM Hall of Fame. Please join the ADM Alumni Association in congratulation of the 2011 ADM Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees!

ADM Alumni Association
P.O. Box 122
Adel, Iowa 50003
Around Town
Doc's Hunt Club, Adel IowaDoc's Hunt Club Values Safety

November and December have been great for hunting at Doc's Hunt Club! Doc's would like to remind those hunting from the road to be very careful about Continue reading... 
Winter Tourism Along the Raccoon River Valley TrailWinter Tourism Along the Raccoon River Valley Trail

On December 3rd the City of Adel approved snowmobile use on the Raccoon River Valley Trail within city limits! The new legislation was brought forth by the  Continue reading...
YogaYoga Gentle Class Wednesdays in January

Yoga offers students the opportunity to explore the link between breath, body movement, and wellness. Offered through Healing Therapies, the yoga classes will Continue reading...
Adel To Start Community GardenAdel To Start Community Garden

A group of people have formed a committee to start a community garden in Adel. Join Adel Parks and Recreation Wednesday, January 5th at Adel City Continue reading...
Brick Street BBQ in Adel, IowaMouthwatering BBQ From Brick Street BBQ

You don't have to wait until spring for your favorite BBQ! Merle Cox and Brick Street BBQ will be smoking at least one day per week all winter long. Call Merle when Continue reading...
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Chris Brocka
G.Rafics Inc. is proudly produced by
G.Rafics Inc. ~ Go Beyond the Ordinary
Featured Article
Optimae Lifeservices Kat O'Brien & John Petosa
Each month we
showcase a business, person, event or organization that makes Adel special.

This month we showcase
Kat O'Brien and
John Petosa of
Optimae Lifeservices

If you have a business or organization you would like to see featured, please contact us at
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Adel Public Library
Adel Public Library

Adel Lions
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ADM Alumni Association, Adel IA
ADM Alumni Association

Adel Public Library
Adel Public Library
Courtesy of Youth Librarian Laura Guth- Hanson

Did you get a new e-Reader for Christmas?

Are you looking for a way to read books on your computer or smart phone?

The Adel Public Library is happy to announce that we will now be offering e-Books for check-out!

The Adel Public Library has teamed up with other libraries in Iowa to offer this service through the website,

There are currently 750 different e-Books available to check-out, including best sellers as well as classics.

Once books are checked-out and downloaded, they will stay on your device for 2 weeks.

You can check-out up to 3 books a week!

This service is completely free to use and provided by the Friends of the Adel Public Library.

Many e-Reader devices, smart phones, and computers support this service.

Find out if your new toy supports Wilbor downloads here!

If you have any questions please contact Laura at the library!

Upcoming Events

January 3 - February 25
What's on the Menu?
*Adult Reading Program

January 5th & 12th
Children Music Time

January 11th
Stage Coach Stop Storytime
*Family Reading Program

January 17th
Story Time Returns

January 18th

Civil War for Kids

January 22nd
Annual Soup Luncheon
* Adult Programming Series

January 25th
Brown Bag Book Club

January 26th
Coffee & Current Events
*Adult Programming Series

January 27th
Evening Book Club

Laura Guth-Hanson
Youth Services Librarian
Adel Public Library
303 S. 10th St.
Adel, Iowa 50003

Adel Public Library
Recipe of the Month
DDiscover Chef
Celebration Appetizers
BBQ Beef Roll-Ups
Taco Roll-Ups
Dried Beef Pickle Dip

My daughter asked me about my favorite New Years Eve. I struggled to pick one out as most of the years blend together.

Then I remembered the year with the snow storm.

That year the weather was so bad we had shovels in the house and the upstairs windows were cracked open in case we had to climb out.

My dad was a ham radio operator. He had back up power for the radio and he moved the entire setup into the kitchen. We gathered around the kitchen table as the power flickered on and off.

We said Happy New Years to someone in Mexico, then turned the dial to someone a few timezones away.

Over the span of 6 hours we said Happy New Years to people from all over the world.

That was one of the simplest, and best, New Years Eves.

Sometimes we forget the simple times, only to be reminded of them years later as they bring a smile to our hearts.

Here are three simple recipes to try this year as you create your own memories.

3 boxes Cream Cheese

2 bunches Green Onions, sliced, divided

10 Flour Tortillas

1 lb Roast Beef, sliced thin

Favorite BBQ Rub or Sauce

1 envelop Taco Seasoning

1 1/2 c Cheddar Cheese

1/2 c Chunky Salsa

1 small can Olives, sliced

6 oz. Dried Beef, chopped

1/2 c Sour Cream

Dill Pickles, diced
*Do not use relish!

1/4 teaspoon Pepper

1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder

Soften cream cheese packages separately in three bowls at room temperature.

BBQ Roll Ups
Bowl 1: Combine BBQ Rub/ Sauce with Cream Cheese to taste.

Divide mixture into 5, spread across tortillas.

Top with 1/2 green onions and roast beef.

Roll up tight and place on baking sheet.

Taco Roll Ups
Bowl 2: Combine Taco Seasoning and Salsa with Cream Cheese.

Divide mixture into 5, spread across tortillas.

Top with Cheddar Cheese, Green Onions, and Olives.

Roll up tight and place on baking sheet.

Cover roll ups with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 15 minutes before slicing.

Dried Beef Pickle Dip
Bowl 3: Combine Dried Beef, Pickles, Onions, Sour Cream, Pepper, and Garlic Powder with Cream Cheese.

Chill until ready to serve with your favorite crackers or pita chips.

Terry's Travels
Terry Traveller
Each month, Terry journeys through our community enjoying the sights, sounds, deals, and meals that make Adel great!

This month, Terry visited Anytime Fitness.

It's that time of year again. With New Year's nipping at my heels, it's time for this traveler to loose some excess baggage!

Luckily, Anytime Fitness in Adel can help.

Anytime Fitness is located on the square and is open, well, anytime!

With my busy schedule, there is no routine, I exercise when I can.

As a member of Anytime Fitness, I get a swipe card that lets me in at 4- am or pm!

You're most likely to find me on an elliptical, the ultimate exercise machine for the multitasking minded.

The three TV's above the window help the time slip away as I work off holiday goodies.

When I need some extra encouragement, I arrange a session with an Anytime Fitness trainer who helps me target my trouble spots and get the most out of my workouts.

Well, it looks like I've got some time to spare, better grab my gym bag and head to Anytime Fitness.

Best of luck with your own New Year's Resolutions!
- Terry

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