March 19th, 2011


Well, the final brick have been installed and the handicap let downs are complete. The intersection at South 9th and Prairie is permanently open. 9th Street will be open on Monday morning.

City staff and elected officials held a walk through of the project site to create a punch list of repairs and work on that punch list will begin Monday morning. You should notice several different crews working on various aspects and final details in the next week.

Some of the punch list items that should be under way next week:

  • Remove and replace any “bad” brick and inlay areas
  • Final electrical work – lights
  • Minor concrete removal and replace
  • Landscaping and fill back of curb
  • Drinking fountain installation

Work that is weather dependent and may not start until mid April:

  • Final and permanent landscaping including flowers and plants
  • Painting and striping of parking areas
  • Final sign placement

If you have any questions on items specific to your building or area, please call or email me and we will try to get it addressed in the next couple of weeks.

Our contractor has indicated he would like to be completely done with this project by the end of April – I believe that to be an easily attainable target.

We are on the home stretch.

Thank you for your ongoing patience.


Chad A. Bird
City Administrator
City of Adel