June 17th, 2010

This Just In…
Courtesy of Chad Bird, City Administrator
The project encountered an unexpected turn on Monday, June 15th as the brick were removed became dry and brittle. This came as a surprise as several of both layers of brick had been tested for strength and moisture content.

The bricks were determined unusable and will be recycled to shore up the erosion along the river bank caused by repeated flooding. This may cause a slight deviation in brick patterns used in the cross-walks or intersections.

There have been several comments about the brick pallets being stacked on the Court House lawn. Rest assured; the contractor and Dallas County had previously discussed the arrangement and the contractor will be responsible for restoring the lawn to its previous condition.

Work on the storm water improvements and connections will be finished throughout this week and next before grading begins. This will also include installation of the sub-drain system.

Chad A. Bird
City Administrator
City of Adel

The Morning Report
Crews were working through this morning’s rain until the ground became over saturated. They have been delegated to other necessary projects around town with plans to return to Main and Court Street this afternoon.