Is it Time to Pass it Forward? Adel HomeCare Services, Inc.

Courtesy of Adel HomeCare Services, Inc.:

HomeCare Services Inc, Adel IADo you believe in helping at the local level right here in Dallas County?

Are you able to step up and help once in a while when there’s a need presented to you?

HomeCare Services, Inc. believes in providing personalized and “community based” services focusing on independence, dignity, and a higher quality of life for the people of Dallas County, which includes the elderly and the challenged.

We are in need today. We are in need of some Volunteers to deliver Meals On Wheels in the Adel area. We are in need of cash donations for the “community based” services we provide, that keep our county residents in their own homes as opposed to nursing homes and other facilities.

If your church or business is able to step up and help, please let us know.

If you and your family can step up and help, please contact HomeCare, 515-993-4531, any time if you’re able to “pass it forward.”


Homecare Services of Dallas County
101 N 9th St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-4531