August 26th, 2010

We have scheduled a street meeting for tomorrow that will be cancelled. We encourage everyone to attend the sustainability workshop which will be held at 5:30pm in the library.

Regarding the street project; work is progressing nicely and on or ahead of schedule. Bases for the light post are in and nearly complete, the brick are almost all up and palletized and storm utility work is up to the intersection with Main St.

Please note that to accommodate the storm utility work on the west corners of the intersection with Main and 9th, the pedestrian portion of the corners will be closed to access beginning August 25th. and lasting for approximately 48 hours – these pedestrian walk ways should be open again by Monday morning. The inconvenience is necessary to dig the required trenches to install the concrete storm intake boxes.

One interesting find this week – while trenching in the utility line for the lights, the contractor came across a large chunk of concrete. Once it was excavated and an attempt at removal was made it was determined that the concrete was a 12’ diameter bowl that either served as a horse drinking trough or an old fountain of some sort. The buried structure was so large that the Caterpillar track hoe on site had a very difficult time removing the thing. There is a reward leading to the identification and aging of the structure if anyone has any information on what it was and when it was in service. The reward is one antique original Adel Street Brick. Please call City Hall with any information at 993-4525.

In the construction meeting yesterday there were no other issues raised by contractors or engineers. Work is progressing nicely.

As always, please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your understanding and cooperation – please contact me for questions and comments.


Chad A. Bird
City Administrator
City of Adel
515-993-4525 • Fax 515-993-4527