Animal Hospital of Adel Thinks “Green”

The Animal Hospital of AdelCourtesy of The Animal Hospital:

Since Spring is just around the corner, it’s time to think “Green.”

Here at The Animal Hospital of Adel, we try to watch our carbon footprint.

Beginning this month, we are vowing to use less paper.

Billions of trees are cut down every year just for paper products, and we want to do our part by cutting back on paper waste.

One way we decreasing our paper waste is by offering to email your invoice copy to you instead of being printed at our office. By offering to have your invoices sent to you electronically, you can help in our effort to decrease our carbon footprint.

Another way you’ll notice us trying to decrease our paper usage is by implementing and using more electronic forms. We will offer these forms at your pet’s surgery check-in and when dropping off your pet.

We want to sincerely thank you in advance for helping us decrease our carbon footprint on Earth!

Dr. Jennifer, Crystal, Caitlin, & Jenni

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