Adel Fire Department Fundraiser says Thank You!

Courtesy of Erin Sedars and the Adel Fire Department Fundraiser

On behalf of Larry & Sandy Schmitz, the entire River Valley Golf Community, and the Adel Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to the community for your overwhelming support of the Adel Fire Department Fundraiser that was held on Sunday, September 19th.

Over 500 people were in attendance to partake in the fun and witness the presentation of a Certificate of Recognition from Governor Culver to the Adel Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department recognizing them as Outstanding Iowans.

With your help, we raised well over $15,000 for the Adel Fire Department! We couldn’t have achieved this level of success without your generosity and we thank you.

We will be updating our website,, very soon with the total amount raised, photos of the event, and highlights from Chief Ireland’s speech.

I would also like to ask that you help the fire department in another way. The Adel Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department has applied for a federal grant to help replace our aging, 20 year old pump engine. The cost to replace this truck is approximately $400,00.

Please contact Iowa Congressman Tom Latham to let him know that you support the Adel Fire Department and request that he assist the fire department with federal funding to replace the truck that plays such a critical role in protecting Adel.

Thank you again for your outstanding support!

In gratitude,
Erin Sedars
Adel Fire Department Fundraiser
Event Organizer